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2000km Croatia Roadtrip

We did a 2000km road trip along the Croatian coast in three weeks. In Črniče, we picked up the orange Spicy Junior camper from Greg and his lovely family.

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Piran & Slovenia With Spicy Campers

Piran is Slovenia's tiny pearl on the coast of the Adriatic sea. Explore Slovenia between the traditional salt pans and olive groves.

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Three Countries in Two Weeks!

Slovenia and the Dolomites had both been on our wish-list for a while, and we decided that a camper van would be the ideal way to experience them- giving

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The Amazing Triglav National Park

Discover the pristine beauty of the Triglav National Park located at the heart of the Julian Alps and home of the Soca river in Slovenia with Spicy Campers.

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American Easter Honeymoon In Slovenia And Croatia

We had a blast and just wanted to thank you again for everything. Our adventure begins at Spicy Campers home base… Our first stop at the Predjama Castle

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Bosnia & Herzegovina With A Touch Of Croatia

When you hear that tiny voice inside of you softly whispering that you need to cut loose for a while, you might want to pay attention. My twin soul sister

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Vacation In Croatia With Spicy Camper Vans

If your planing your next vacation in Croatia with Spicy Campervans all we can say is yes, stop right here, book your flights and continue reading.

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Soca River - Explore Slovenia's Emerald Beauty In A Camper Van

Discover the Amazing Soca river valley and Julian alps with Spicy camper van rental at your own pace.

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Julian Alps - The Pearl Of Slovenia

The Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park are the hidden gem of Slovenia that everybody loves!

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Bohinj Slovenia With Spicy Campervan Rental

Discover Bohinj slovenia and enjoy one of the most amazing corners of the Julian Alps !

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Koper Slovenia Travel Tips

Koper. Slovenia has a 45 kilometer coastline rich with nature and lively medieval towns such as Izola and Piran with Koper being the main port for eastern Europe.

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9 Fantastic Days in Croatia

We are just back from our amazing holidays with the Spicy Campers in Croatia, what an amazing adventure. We were picked up by the lovely Irina at Trieste

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Cycling And Camping On Mediterranean Route (EuroVelo8) – inland Dalmatia.

EuroVelo is a network of 15 long distance cycle routes connecting and uniting the entire European continent. EuroVelo currently comprises of 15 routes

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Camper Trip Around Croatia

Our trip with Spicy Camper Caracolich (thats our nickname for it) was great. Everything we needed was in the campervan, even pegs to hang the clothes.

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Autocamp Biokovo - Camping In Croatia

Croatia is a great destination for people who enjoy outdoor activities and an active way of life. This is a country with more than a thousand islands,

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Touring Croatia and Slovenia In Late Summer

We're a young couple from Germany that toured with Spicy Campers from late August 2015 till the beginning of September. We enjoyed every minute of our

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Croatia Weather - Travel Croatia In A Campervan

Croatia weather depends on the region your visiting. Camping in Croatia is mostly enjoyed from April till the end of October, but winter camping is also becoming an option to consider.

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Plitvice Croatia With Spicy Campervan Rental

Plitvice Croatia is one of the favorite attractions for our Spicy campers that eagerly travel Slovenia and Croatia throughout the season.

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Lake Bled Slovenia With Spicy Campervans

Discover Lake Bled Slovenia just below the Julian Alps. Walk the many paths, enjoy a boat ride or simply dive in when it gets to hot to travel Slovenia otherwise.

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Spicy Camper Van Rental Prices

Spicy Camper Van Rental prices. Three different seasons and other supplemental rates for our camper van conversions.

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Korcula Croatia In A Camper Van

Korcula Croatia is the sixth largest island of the Adriatic sea. Discover the alive old music and dance traditions, olive grooves, small villages, harbours and quiet small beaches with Spicy Campers.

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Spicy Mini Camper And Small Campers

Our Spicy mini camper designed for singles and couples that appreciate simple and effective solutions. With many features from our larger camper van rentals for the ease of travel.

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Campervan Conversions - Spicy Camper Van Rental

Spicy campervan conversions. Practical and fully functional campers for a great camper van rental experience discovering Slovenia, Croatia or the rest of Europe.

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Camping Opatija Croatia

Opatija Croatia is a classic dating back to the 19th century. The relaxing Mediterranean climate is definitely an "evergreen" camping Croatia destination for all ages!

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Map Of Croatia With Spicy Campers

Check out this map of Croatia and you're good to travel and explore with our cheap campervan rental.

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