2000km Croatia Roadtrip

by Ch. Buerki
(3251 Ruppoldsried, Switzerland)

We did a 2000km road trip along the Croatian coast in three weeks. In Črniče, we picked up the orange Spicy Junior camper from Greg and his lovely family. We got also a lot of information and maps from Greg. We enjoyed camping-life.

Camping life
Cooking meals has taken a lot of time and effort every day. Most of the time we cooked on the gas cooker. With two cooktops, we were able to cook small and fast menus, like pasta with tomato sauce. With a bit of patience, we even managed to cook a tasty chilli con carne. This meal was delicious!

Sveti Jure
The biggest driving challenge was the journey on top of the Sveti Jure. It’s the highest mountain on the Biokovo mountain range (1762m). The one-way street to the viewpoint is 26km long and extremely small. Because the street is used for both directions, there are passing bays every 300 meters. On the viewpoint we had a spectacular outlook over the entire coast of Croatia. It was worth the effort for getting there.

Festa Vina!
On the island Hvar we got a hint form the campsite to visit the Jelsa Wine Festival. This festival takes place ever year in the last week of august in the lovely city of Jelsa. There we tasted many different wines. The last one we enjoyed was a special port wine. This taste was not Anjas cup of tea and I captured this moment on the following photo.

Krka National Park
We decided spontanously to visit the Krka National Park and their famous Krka falls. Because we were late at 11 o’clock we had to stand in a 200m queue until we could buy a ticket. After a short boat trip we arrived at the base station in front of the waterfall. This place was completely swamped by tourists. Luckily there were less crowded places further away from the main spot. We did a small hicking tour around the national park. I have never seen such cristal clear water before, you can spot even small fishes in deep waters.

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