The Spicy Team

Spicy Camper van rental is a small family company based in Slovenia, a beautiful tiny country neatly nestled between the stunning European Alps and the emerald blue Adriatic Sea. We love our country for it's natural beauty and heritage as much as we love to travel around in our camper van to explore the many peaceful corners Slovenia and the rest of Europe have to offer.

My wife and I traveled alone for years before the twins came around and... well they definitely spiced up and turned our life upside down.

Our spicy twins (yes, a girl and a boy) marked a new route in our life and beside being a pain in the butt at times, they also brought lots of sunshine into it! Hence the name Spicy and the header image on the top of our website.

Enjoying the great outdoors, camping and traveling has always been and remains a top priority in our family. And we do live in a picturesque part of the planet here which is more than worth to explore. The hidden gem of Europe is a statement often used to describe Slovenia, the Alps and the Adriatic Sea by many other travelers.

Offering a practical camper van conversion to you is an evolution of what we have been enjoying for so many years now. Even with the twins around, we keep on walking, hiking and exploring the world around us as much as we can.

We figured that a great adventure needs a descent pair of shoes, some proper clothing to go with, a comfortable bed for the night, your open mind and you're ready to go! Not to forget a nice hot meal here...

And that is exactly what our cheap camper van hire offers. Equipped, with what may seem like the bare essentials at a first glance, Spicy vans actually have all the features needed in order to discover and explore any country at your very own comfort and pace without having to blow your budget.

So spice up your life and forget about all those boring air-conditioned hotel rooms, tour buses and confined travel agency schedules and join us for a Spicy van camping adventure starting in Slovenia.

Our best bet is that you will fully enjoy it!

The Spicy Team

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