Alp Travel - Exploring European Alps With Spicy Campervan Hire

Alp Travel? A quick look on a map, says it all. The Alps are the backbone of Europe with their stunning natural beauty and diversity stretching from the highest and mighty Mont Blanc (4810m) in France, through the sharp peaks of Dolomite mountains in Italy, romantic Julian Alps in Slovenia and gradually descending to the soft hills of the Vienna forest. 

Alp Travel. On the top of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria with our Volkswagen camper.

For many mountaineers, the Alps are the most beautiful mountains in the world. There are more than fifty peaks well over 4000 meters high only in the west, many more mountains of over 3000m and about two thousand peaks exceeding 2000m only in Austria. The vast road network is mostly from the 19th century, as this was in many cases the only way to get to the other side of the world at the time.

The charm of Alp travel is the presence of strong contrasts. In about an hour or so, you can descend from the high peaks of the French Alps to the Cote d'Azur and Provence, from the sharp peaks of the Dolomite mountains to the Cypress alleys of Lake Garda and from Trenta valley under Mount Triglav in Slovenia to the the Mediterranean Gulf of Trieste in Italy and the the gulf of Koper in Slovenia. All in the comfort of our camper van rentals.

Alp Travel From Spicy Campers Base

Living at the doorstep of the Julian Alps in Slovenia, this is our favorite part of the world, which we eagerly discover every summer. When the summer heat goes in overdrive, there is nothing more relaxing than the fresh air around a cool mountain river or lake immersed in a valley of high snow covered peaks of the Triglav national Park.

The glacilal Fusine Lakes under Mount Mangart on in Italy and on the border with Slovenia.

The lakes are many, some are ice cold and high in the mountains, others in the valleys beneath the high peaks. These are naturally much warmer and suitable for swimming, surfing and sailing.

Lake Garda in Italy is the hottest spot for adrenaline water sports do to favorable winds, while the warm Carinthia lakes and Spas in Austria are great family swimming and picnic getaways.

The picturesque lake Bled and Bohinj in Slovenia might be among the smallest lakes in the Alps but by many considered the most charming in the region. Immersed between snow covered mountain peaks, they are both more than suitable for relaxing, swimming and boating.

Keep in mind, that the European Alps all have numerous and excellent ski resorts open from winter till late spring, some of the highest even throughout the summer season. So if you enjoy skiing, this is a great place to go in a camper van.

Julian, Italian, Austrian, Bavarian, Swiss And French...Always Alps

Compared to the Andes or the Himalayas, the Alps are way more populated, with a vast infrastructure of cable cars, trains, roads and mountain passes, not to mention the diversity of accommodation for every taste.  Camper Stops and camping sites naturally included.

Mount Bernina on the road from Interlaken, Switzerland.

However, there are more than enough areas, where you can walk, climb, dream and meditate for days in pure solitude, not meeting a single soul on your path. Well, you may run into a shepherd and his herd.

Alp travel is not only stunning for it's glorious nature, but for the diversity of culture in each valley and country. Traditional old school farm house constructions, customs and crafts form the heritage of the "Alpine Countries", which is kept with great pride and dedication even today, not allowing mass tourism in it's path too much. After all, the mountain folks stay there, when we go home.

While the mighty peaks of Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Jungfrau, Bernina, Marmolada, Tre Cime and Grossglockner have every reason to be visited and fully admired,  remember to pay attention also to small details such as...

Gardena Valley in the stunning Italian Dolomite mountains.

The many unknown architects of the traditional farm houses, where some might be centuries old, the traditional way of life which hasn't changed much since the last couple of centuries, to all the shepherds and their herds and to the locals keeping it all together. It's a beautiful and sometimes harsh world to live at, so do have some respect.    

Take your Alp travel in a very relaxing mode. Enjoy the stupendous scenery, the scent of the fresh mountain breeze, walk around and enjoy a hardy mountain meal. If you're a true and from the heart lover of pure nature, well it just doesn't get any better than this!

Please visit Alpine Pearls for more information about sustainable holidays in tune with nature and enjoy this beautiful part of the world.

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