Autocamp Biokovo - Camping In Croatia

by Mirjana S.
(Zagvozd, Croatia)

Autocamp Biokovo

Autocamp Biokovo

Croatia is a great destination for people who enjoy outdoor activities and an active way of life. This is a country with more than a thousand islands, magic and breath taking mountains, beautiful rivers, lakes and the majestic Adriatic Sea.
Most people travel to Croatia during spring and summer but the country is even more beautiful during fall and winter. When snow covers the mountains in most European countries, mountains in the south part of Croatia are dry and enjoy more than 5 hours of insolation every day, which makes them great for hiking, trekking, bicycling and other open air activities.

Dalmatia is the southern region of Croatia, known mostly for its crystal Adriatic Sea and stunning beaches. Natural beauty along with rich and famous history make Dalmatia a ”must visit” region of Croatia. But the beauty of Dalmatia is far more than just sea and the beaches as behind the great Dalmatian mountains there are yet undiscovered pearls.

In the rural part of Dalmatia, known as Imotska Krajina, lies a magical land of mystique creatures and legends; this is the place where nature showed all its beauty by forming amazing lakes (Blue and Red Lake, Lokvičić lakes, Two eyes lakes...), rivers and grand Biokovo Mountain.

Taking the Saint Ilija tunnel from the coastal area, you will arrive to Zagvozd, a small and peaceful village just a 15 min drive from the sea side, where you can still see people taking care of their goats, cows, pigs… a place where you can see chickens and ducks walking freely around houses. You can walk around and pick cherries, grapes or tomatoes directly from the garden. You can do the same with flowers or different herbs (there are lot of people here who treat various health issues using herbs).

Zagvozd has about 1000 inhabitants under the foot of Biokovo mountain, where you can experience "Zen" moments surrounded by amazing nature. This tiny town also sports the only actor’s square in the world (every summer in July and August you can enjoy the free show under the stars called “Glumci u Zagvozdu”") or indulge your culinary senses joining the local and annual “Fisherman’s night” in August.

Autocamp Biokovo is situated in the western entrance to Zagvozd, just a few minutes drive from the A1 highway exit, connecting Zagvozd with the rest of Croatia and Europe and the Saint Ilija tunnel connecting Dalmatinska zagora to the coastal part of Croatia and the Adriatic Sea.

This is a family owned camping site and we strive to be hosts that introduce our guests to our way of life (traditional Dalmatian country side way of life) by serving homemade food and beverages, offering the option to join our stress free programs such as farming, olive and herb picking or other relaxing activities.

Autocamp Biokovo is well known among cyclists and hikers. It’s ideal for cyclist who travel across the Balkan countries (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Monte Negro…) because of it's location. A great place to stay for hikers because it’s under the foot of mountain Biokovo and therefore close to the hiking trails.

Being close to the highway, our location also makes camp Biokovo a perfect stay for travelers that just need a days rest after a long trip.

Autocamp Biokovo

Adress: Put remonta 15
21270 Zagvozd
Phone: 00385 (0) 98 17 333 18


-Electricity connections
-Water connections
-Vegetable garden
-Parking within the camping site
-Parking outside

As for now, you can visit us on our Facebook page.

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