Bohinj Slovenia - A Pearl In The Julian Alps

Bohinj Slovenia is a stunning glacier lake valley immersed between the Julian Alps and one of the coolest places to visit in Slovenia. If you enjoy being close to some of the most beautiful mountains in the world and next to a crystal clear lake surrounded by a lush green forest, well this is definitely one of the places you must explore.

One of the beaches on lake Bohinj, Slovenia.

We often visit the lake ourselves for various reasons. It's just about a couple of hours from our home, the temperatures are much cooler in the summer heat and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

We also enjoy paddle boarding and Bohinj Slovenia is just the perfect place for those endless paddling trips around the lake and Savica or Sava Bohinjka rivers in a highly relaxing atmosphere.

This jewel of the Triglav National Park is 4 kilometers long, with the coastline stretching 11 kilometers around the lake and lies between mountain peaks that rise up to 2.000 meters. Slovenia's highest mountain Triglav (2864m) is just north of the lake in case you wish to hike up there. which by the way is a must when you travel Slovenia!

Active Life Between The Mountains

One of the most attractive reasons to be here besides the stunning nature itself are the numerous possibilities for an active outdoor experience. We do have a couple of active children and keeping them busy throughout the day is a top priority for us.

Swimming in lake Bohinj is a great way to escape the summer heat.

This glacier lake warms up quite nicely in the summer so swimming and paddle boarding are on the daily menu. Most of the shore line is a beautiful white pebble beach descending in the turquoise water of the lake. The colors are amazing and we can easily spend a large part of the day just paddling along with our twins with ducks and trout for company.

You can also rent a canoe or a SUP, paddle around yourself, take a dip and enjoy the beaches. A beautiful 12 kilometer path around the lake will take you walking, hiking or biking. And surrounded by all the mountains, numerous hiking and climbing opportunities will surely invite you in the heart of the Julian Alps.

Hiking to the foot of the mountains will also take you to the spring of Bohinj lake itself, the massive Savica waterfall. It's quite touristy but well worth the hike. If all the above is not enough for you, well how about paragliding? Many of our travelers grasped the opportunity and they were all thrilled!

Spicy campervan at Zlatorog camping, Bohinj.

Bohinj Slovenia is quite a busy place in the summer and it's not easy to get a spot in Zlatorog or Danica camping site. But the good news is that the changeover is quite frequent and if you get there early in the morning, there is a good chance that some people will leave and you can get their place. Alternatively, you can use the camper stop at Bohinjska Bistrica if you travel around in a campervan conversion.

The Electric Boat and Mount Vogel Cable Car

If you feel like taking a day off from all the activity or you're not into it at all, well then you can always take a round boat trip to admire all the beauty surrounding you. The boats are well maintained, 60 year old and 14 meters long German vessels that run on electricity. In order to preserve the environment, nothing on this lake runs on any kind of fuel.

The magic Bohinj lake in early autumn from up above

A cable car that starts just above Zlatorog camping will take you up to 1535 meters high Mount Vogel. You can hike up there if you wish so, but the cable car will get you much faster to numerous hiking paths and pastries above. The views are spectacular and as one of our guests explained:

"Lake Bohinj was covered with low and heavy clouds, so my wife and I chose to take the cable car. Wow, was that a huge surprise! On the top, the clouds were just below us and the sun was shining with all it's warmth and beauty!"

Bohinj Cheese

After all the possible activities we do get hungry and Bohinj has just the food we need. The famous cheese bread dating back to the 19 century is quite large and weights between 45 to 55 kilograms. This is a special version of the Emental cheese with quite a mild taste.

The cheese is entirely hand made and taken care of following the old tradition that was initially brought from Switzerland. Do take your time to taste it, you won't be disappointed.

Exploring Bohinj Slovenia

Camp Zlatorog from my padle board early in the morning.

We can endlessly go on about the beauty of this region and to wrap it all up, we can only say that you let yourself Bohinj Slovenia take the lead. This is not the name of the town or the  lake, but a region composed of a few small and unique villages and rivers all worth to discover. It's one of those quiet and magical places that will probably make you say: "Oh my god, I want to stay here for the rest of my life..."

And just a tip before you go. Try to enjoy the stillness in the misty early morning fog, like gliding the lake on a paddle board for example...

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