Bosnia & Herzegovina With A Touch Of Croatia

by Irina & Nina

Roadtrip girls...

Roadtrip girls...

When you hear that tiny voice inside of you softly whispering that you need to cut loose for a while, you might want to pay attention. My twin soul sister and me had been planning this trip for quite some time now, and Bosnia and Herzegovina seemed like the perfect place to explore. Spring is definitely our favorite time to travel. Nature is blooming, the main season crowds are out of the way, some things might be cheaper, and there is a good chance you can find some perfect weather. And we sure did.

Our trip started on a clear sunny Monday with our Spicy Junior camper van running smoothly and with me picking up Nina in Zagreb and reaching the border between Croatia and Bosnia in Bosanski Novi within a few hours. Our road continued through Banja Luka and all the way to the beautiful medieval town of Jajce, where we decided to spend our first night on a parking lot. Jajce sports the amazing waterfalls and Pliva lakes with watermills dating all the way back to the Middle Ages. An excellent place to be for our first taste of Bosnian culture, thats for sure.

The next morning we got up in a middle of a crowded street market being build up around us, so we quickly picked up a few souvenirs and left in a hurry to find a more peaceful location for our breakfast. The empty Camping Vinac seemed like a perfect place for the occasion.

Chilling Out In Vinac camping site

After enjoying a hardy meal we headed towards the Bosnian pyramids at Visoko. With humanity being on the treshold of an entirely new awareness and understanding of the true origin of our exsitance, this seemed like the right place to visit for some spiritual development.

Visoko Sun Pyramid

The Bosnian Pyramid Of The Sun is one of the largest in the world standing proud and high at well over 220 meters. It is also believed to be the oldest on the planet with an estimated age of 34,000 years accompanied with the most precise orientation to the Cosmic North.

We slept at the village of Lokve and explored the underground Labyrinth „Ravne“ which runs under the pyramids and the summit of the Sun pyramid. The energy flow in both locations and the views from the top are simply both, mystic and purely awesome. Boracko lake was our next retreat on the road.

Camping site in Bosnia

Driving in Bosnia is actually a special treat as many roads run near a river and you're always in close contact with the beauty of nature. The trash along the road is purely a human invention that we absolutely need to deal with as soon as possible or better to say, right now. Not only in Bosnia, but in many other countries on this planet.

Spicy Camper van in Bosnia

At the evening we reached Mostar, an admirable town with a wonderful worlwide known stone bridge that was fully rebuild after being bombed in the terrible war raging in these parts of the world in order to destroy Jugoslavija. Who ever started the hatry at the first place?

Mostar stone bridge

We found a camping place in the nearby village of Blagaj with a hot shower (finally), a great owner and his sister more than willing to prepare a nice local dinner for us. The next day was our last day in Bosnia. First we visited Mostar where we had an excelent lunch and enjoyed some shopping afterwards.

Kravica waterfalls in Bosnia

Leaving Mostar we pass Medugorje and make a short stop at Kravica falls where we admired the beauty of the river and waterfalls. From here on we headed towards the beautiful coast of Croatia. It was quite a long drive and the border check was rather thorough, meaning that two girls in a camper van rental obviously look suspicious. Perhaps we do, but they did not find whatever they were instructed to look for and we're still here typing down our roadtrip.

Driving on the Croatian coast road is always a treat for me. The ever amazing scenery took us up to Primošten in a blink of an eye and we arrived just in time for one of those amazing sunsets.

Susnset with Spicy Campers in Croatia

We spent a gorgeous weekend here and I left Nina here with her friend in order to take her back to Zagreb. After another beautiful sunset I decided to drive up north to the island of Murter. The Kosirina camping place is a spot where I cherrish great memories with my family and it was still closed in early April. But the ramp was open and I pulled up to my favorite spot. What else could a girl do?

On the Croatian coast with Spicy campervans

Early morning comes and I finally spent a peaceful night in my Spicy camper van all alone. I decided to have a morning swim even though the water was far from being warm enough to do so. This is one of those moments when you rediscover the meaning of enyoing and being grateful for every tiny experience you can give to your soul to make it a bit more richer and give it a breath or two. Thank you Universe.

Murter island, Croatia

Time to leave this paradise on our beloved planet and I was really looking forward to driving on the Adriatic coast road again. It was a long but pleasant drive with a few "fresh me up" stops in between back to Slovenia. After almost a week, it's time to go back home for a while.

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