Spicy Camper Van Rentals FAQ

Spicy camper van rentals are renting practical and very simple to use camper vans for the richness of your experience. We will try to do the best we can accomplish, to create your camper van hire experience as simple as it can be.

With years of traveling in a camper van behind us though, there are certain questions that we always ask ourselves before we head out to another part of the world. And so should you, so that's why the...

Spicy Camper Van Rentals Q & A.

Why travel in a camper van hire?

There is a strong reason for a camper van to be one of the most favorable means of exploring the world since the early 1950's. Enjoy the sunset planning your next destination. Have a cup of coffee in the morning, just slowly absorbing the landscape and breathing the fresh air.

Travel, cook, eat and sleep in the simple comfort of your camper van. There is a world to discover out there, and you can do it all at your own, leisurely pace.

Where is Spicy Camper Van Rentals located?

We are located in Slovenia, a hidden gem of Europe and one of the smallest and greenest countries which you can find between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Our premises are right on the border with Italy. Please, check out our map for the exact location and the sights around us.

What Can I Experience Here?

Neatly nestled between the European Alps and the Adriatic sea, you will get the best of these wonderful worlds as they are so close together. Slovenia is one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of water, dozens of therapeutic thermal springs for your well-being, well over 10, 000 kilometers of hiking trails in pure nature of the Julian Alps and beyond, a touch of the Adriatic sea, excellent gastronomy, great wine and so much more! Please click on the map to enlarge!

Can I Travel To Other European Countries?

Of course you can. Spicy camper van rentals are fully insured and come with a 24/7 road assistance for all countries that are members of the European Union. And from our premises, you're only 15 minutes away from Italy and just a couple of hours from the stunning Croatian coast or the Austrian Alps.

What are camping sites like in Europe?

Europe has over 10.000 camping sites and on your way you will discover anything in a range from small and family owned places to large big time Camping Villages. All have the basic facilities such as bathrooms with hot showers, washing basins for your dishes and clothing and 220V mains hookup.

Are European camping sites open all year round?

That really depends on the owner. There is an increasing number of all year camping sites each year, however we do suggest that you check out the on-line camping guides for a thorough explanation.

Where can I spend the nights?

Camping or spending a night outside of designated areas is forbidden by law in most European countries. However, there are Camper Stops all around the old continent, where you can spend a few nights for free or a small fee. You will always encounter individuals or groups of camper van and motorhome travelers spending a night at a place of their own choice. You can join them of course at your own risk.

Is there heating for the night in the vans?

If you rent or hire a van out of season, we provide a free electric heater for you to plug in at night. Naturally, this can only be used on campsites or most camper-stops when you are connected to mains electric power.

Which is the best time to visit Slovenia and rest of the Alpine-Adriatic countries?

The travel season goes from March/April to October/November which pretty much depends on the weather conditions. While some higher mountain passes remain closed until the month of May, it will get nice and warm down below and by the sea. The busiest months are July and August, so if you have a chance, give yourself a treat and travel in mid-season.

What does the rental price include?

The rental price includes all taxes and full insurance with 24/7 road assistance. Our camper van rentals, thus very basic in their essence, are equipped with everything you need to cook, eat and sleep in comfort, clean bedding included. You will also get 2/3 camping chairs, a camping table and a 220V power cable for mains hookup in camping sites.

You can also check out our extras in case you need something for your comfort.

What do I need to bring with me?

All you need to bring is your luggage packed in your back pack and start your brand new adventure. Our camper van rentals have a lot of storage room, however do pack as light as you can and in soft cases.

Do you provide travel information?

Of course we do, after all our family has a history of camper van travel. You can choose from a variety of travel guides, camping guides and road maps upon your arrival. And we will gladly discuss your desired itinerary with you.

What are your office hours?

We're open from Monday to Friday from 9:00h-15:00h. In general the vehicles will be handled out between working hours and the returns will be made until 12:00h.

If you can't fit in our time table, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to work around your schedule.

How old do I have to be to rent your camper van?

You need to be at least 25 years old and have a valid class B driving license for at least three years. If you are not a European resident, then you will also need an international driving license.

When should I book my camper van?

The sooner, the better. A couple of months before in the high season and at least a couple of weeks in advance for the low season. But you can of course always "contact us" to see what is available.

Do the vans have a toilet and bathroom?

Our camper van rentals do not have a bathroom. You can rent a solar shower and a portable camping toilet with us if you need a little bit more comfort. Please check out our extras.

How many people can drive and sleep in the van?

Our campers have seating for three people up front and the possibility to sleep two adults and a small child. If three adults will ride in the van, one will have to sleep in a easy to put up tent, that you can find in our extras.

 Can I bring my dog?

If you have a well behaved pet, yes. Pets are not allowed on seats and beds. Keep in mind, that other people are not comfortable with or are allergic to pet fur. The additional pet fee is €50 per rental.

Which international airports are close to Spicy Camper van rentals?

You can fly to the airports of Ljubljana (Slovenia) or Trieste and Venice (Italy). Venice and Ljubljana are about an hour away from our base and Trieste is just a bit closer. We can pick you up at any of this airports or nearby facilities when time allows for an additional fee.

Can you pick me up from the airports out of your office hours?

No, we are a small company with a family. We recommend you spend the night in a hotel near the airports and we will pick you up in the morning. However, do not hesitate to contact us because sometimes we do have a possibility to work around your schedule.

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