Spicy Campervan Conversions

Our campervan conversions are practical and easy to use travel vans all ready for a great outdoor adventure. They're all build based on our own camper van travel experience where we learned that no matter what we do, simplicity always wins. Keeping matters simple and practical as it can be is the way to go for us and so are our campervans.

The concept of providing the basic comfort of your home in a van dates back to the late 1950's. Throughout the years, these amazing small campers evolved, became larger, stronger and draw a thin line between your ordinary car and larger vans. Today they offer car like features and comfort and therefore present your best travel companion to discover the world at your very own leisurely pace.

Spicy campervan conversions are based on modern and extremely fuel efficient vehicles that will often drive well over 1000km before your next fuel stop. They offer fun, hassle free driving and parking do to their compact size. And you will find all the travel essentials already on board each and every one of them. Travel, cook, eat and sleep in our fully functional small campers and enjoying the world around you is all you have to do from here on.

Spicy Baby

Spicy Baby is a mini camper tailored out for singles and adventurous couples looking for nothing more than a practical and fully functional vehicle for their next adventure. The camping box in the back holds a cooler, sink with running water and storage room. Three piece mattress set forms a large bed. Seats and sleeps 2 adults.

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Spicy Teen

The Spicy Teen has a fully equipped kitchen unit accesible from the rear door that swings all the way up. There are two face to face benches with storage room undernath in the cabin. The table in between also serves as a platform for the comfy bed.

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Spicy Junior

The Spicy Junior camper van conversion is based on the reliable and comfortable Volkswagen VW T5 transporter. The pop top roof above the kitchen is just like the one used on the legendary Westfalia campers from the 1950's. It allows full standing height and generous air circulation. Seats 3 and sleeps 2 adults and a child.

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Our Campervan Conversions In A Nut Shell

A couple of our innovative friends are in charge of the interior conversion. Well, what we actually do is have a cup of coffee (or a few of them...), open up the vans doors and try to figure out how to maximize the space given to the best. The measure, paper and pencil method still works here and is the only way to properly outfit an empty van for us.

A lot of thought has been given into small detail around our campervan conversions. Larger models come fully insulated with wall carpeting on the sides and ceiling for a bit more comfort for example. We always strive to improve with the help from your feedback whatever we can. And no matter which model you choose to drive, the following basic equipment will always be on board:

  • A full range of cooking utensils
  • Clean bedding and linen with duvet/cover and pillows
  • Privacy thermal window covers
  • Propane stove with propane bottle or cartridges
  • Cooler or compressor refrigerator
  • Camping table and chairs
  • 220W power cable and vehicle levelers
  • Travel guides, camping guides and road maps
  • Compulsory and liability insurance with 1% deductible and 24/7
    roadside assistance for European countries specified on the Green Card.
  • Slovenian Vignette for highway use

As you can see, our campers are fully equipped and prepared for your amazing campervan holidays!

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