Spicy's Guide To Campervan Holidays - Explore Slovenia And Beyond

Campervan holidays in a small country such as Slovenia have been an amazing adventure for many of our guests. Green meadows, lush forests and amazing alpine valleys between the high peaks of the jaw dropping Julian Alps all packed in one small package are a winning combination for a highly relaxed vacation.

Slovenia has been praised and awarded several times and in various publications as one of the greenest countries in the world. Crystal clear rivers, lakes and a tiny drop of the Adriatic Sea all compliment the beauty of nature this country has to offer.

Spicy campervan holidays in Slovenia, the green, active and healthy country.

More than 50 camping sites and an increasing number of Camper Stops on prominent locations will make your campervan holidays a memorable adventure. Being a small country, the short distances between one location and another are a pleasure to drive and enjoy the beautiful scenery with peace on your mind.

If Slovenia is to small for you, well then you can follow the path of our previous travelers from around the world. Many of them drove our Spicy Campers further to visit the following countries:

Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Greece and then all the way up to Poland and the Baltic Sea or exploring the alpine world of Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

Your imagination is the only limit here.

Why Travel In A Camper Van?

Because you get everything in one package, your ride and your tiny house on wheels! All this in a hassle free vehicle just slightly larger than a family car. It parks easy in every parking space or garage and the gas milage is marvelous.

We're fully confident at the fact that a practical camper van is the best way to explore the world around you. We have been doing so for over a decade now and this is also the main reason we started Spicy Campers in the first place.

Traveling and camping with Spicy Campers is a pure bliss for many!

With a perfectly equipped camper van stocked up with your favorite food and beverages you can drive where the road takes you. And with that comfortable bed all ready for the night, you can almost sleep wherever you wish to.

We had folks try just about everything. Camping sites, camper stops and even sleeping in remote areas, all in the comfort of our camper vans.

There are no restrictions, no previous bookings and no worries about where and when will be your next destination. You can read a few road-trip stories from our previous guests or check out our image gallery to spice up your imagination here.

Well you do need to book one thing in advance here, your Spicy camper van of course!

Preparing For Your Campervan Holidays

Our campervans come with everything you need for a comfortable road trip. As described in the appropriate sections of our website, Spicy campers have complete bedding and linen, a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, running water and a full range of cooking utensils.

"Greg, the kitchen in your camper van is better equipped than my own back home!"    
                                                                                French couple

Thumbs up before an amazing camper van roadtrip.

From our personal experience we always reccomend to pack as light as possible of course. This however is sometimes easier said than done, even for us. And we must admit that many of our guests showed up extremely light packed only to give us a good solid example of what light really means!

Therefore, pack according to the season and remember to keep a few warm pieces of clothing even in peak summer periods and the other way around. Season temperatures are not carved in stone and even the warmest summer months will have chilly evenings up in the mountains for example.

Just keep in mind that storage room is quite spacious and will store just about everything you need to fully enjoy your campervan holidays. However, there is a limit to everything, so think twice before you pack your bags.

The Complete Tour Of The Campervan

Upon your arrival at our base you will be given a fully detailed tour of your vehicle. Our campers do have a pretty basic set up with just about everything you will ever need for your campervan holidays.

However, even the basics need to be explained just to let you know how certain elements function and how you need to operate them. While some elements might be quite familiar to people with previous camper van experience there are many of you coming here as first time camper vaners, so a thorough explanation is a must before you get on the road.

Helping You Out With Your Best Itinerary

Surprisingly, many people come to us with only a vague idea of where they want to go and what would they like to experience. Very few show up with a rock solid plan and stick to it. And all this is perfectly normal because you're  hiring a camper van and by doing so, you can simply follow your basic intstict or a very loose plan.

Planning your trip before your departure with spicy Campers.

We are however more than willing to spice up your campervan holidays with a few of our own recommendations. This is why we developed a habbit of sitting down with you at the table, strech out some maps, open up a few books and add a few of our own reccomendations.

At our base you will find many travel books, maps and road atlases to help you out on your way. You can also hire one of our GPS units just in case you feel like you need one or don't have your own.

You can also find some of our reccomended destinations using our online map. And we do live in a world of mobile phone applications, so you can really put your mind at ease here and enjoy the show only the road to your next destination has to offer.

Food & Beverages On The Road

One of the first questions people ask us before they hit the road is obviously where can they get some groceries. There is a large selection of Supermarkets in the nearby towns and smaller stores in villages along the road stocked up with just about everything you'll ever need.

Local fruits, vegetables and other produce offered on the road in Slovenia, Croatia and the rest of the Balkan region.

Most stores are closed on Sunday afternoon or might not be available around every corner in the mountain areas. But this is just about everything you need to worry about. In this case, most gas stations in Slovenia will take care of your basic needs.

And to spice up your campervan holidays, we do rent gas and charchoal grills. While gas grills are ready within minutes, charchoal grills do need a bit of beforehand preparation, but the flavor of your foood will be so much tastier.

Personally we always recommend to buy some local produce in open markets or stands along the road. What you can usually get here is a variaty of fresh or dried fruits and vegetables along with olive oil, honey, wine, brandy and so on. Well worth a visit at all times if you're the local food type opposed to a supermarket consumer!

And Your On Your Way!

By now you're all ready to get on the road and start your amazing campervan holidays. We will show you to the nearest camping site just in case you feel you need to rest a bit for the first day. Two camping sites are within minutes away from our premisses.

For those of you who are fresh and eager to start your trip, we will of course point you out to your first destination using either the country road or the highway. There are actually only two roads you can take from our base. The road heading up north will take you to the Alpine world and if you turn south, the rest of Slovenia and Croatia will be on your way.

Once you get comfortable cruising down the road, returning home will be the only thing you'll ever regret.

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