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Camping Croatia is exactly what the title says. Most of our travelers come to us completely unprepared and they always return expressing tons of joy on their faces. Of course we love to see that, but you really need to travel Croatia in a campervan to understand what we're talking about here and what many had discovered with Spicy Campers.

There are more than 300 camping sites in Croatia and the majority of them are located on the coast with direct access to the beach. Many of them are close to the scenic and amazing Adriatic coast road while others spread around larger islands.

Camping Croatia offers a large variety, therefore you will find everything from small and family owned camping sites up to large high end resorts with restaurants, stores, local produce stands, swimming pools and a lot more.

A beautiful view of camp Ujca not far from the town of Senj in Croatia.

With all the benefits the mild Mediterranean climate has to offer, the Croatian coast is also a perfect place to be throughout the year.

Okay, you do get to swim only in swimming pools at winter and light snow does occasionally cover even the islands, but with the summer heat and crowds all gone, long walks, hikes and cycling by the sea will be a lot more pleasurable.

Currently there are about 30 camping sites along the coast open all year around and offering everything you need for a pleasant stay during the colder days.

Travel Croatia With Ease

We always suggest to our guests to keep a slow pace while camping Croatia. They all found out that a couple of weeks is far from enough to explore this beautiful coast. With all the islands that you can discover on your own, it would easily take a couple of months to experience and enjoy it all. You can access Korcula island from the Peljesac peninsula with ease for example, and they're both well worth a visit, mainly for their solitude and excellent food and wine, the secluded beaches and amazing nature!

Camping Croatia with Spicy Campers is always a relaxing experience!

Croatia map might look small, but Mediterranean beauty and hospitality remains hidden here.

You might explore from one place to another, however in between you will find amazing small beaches, locals selling home grown produce and fine restaurants by the sea from where you can enjoy the sunset with a grilled fresh catch of fish on you plate over a bottle of excellent local wine.

All the above in a small village or town so far away from everything else you had ever known before. This is exactly what our travelers appreciate most and definitely those that live in loud and overcrowded cities around the world.

Camping Croatia beaches is all about the best nature can offer. Pine, oak and olive trees offer a lot of shade and the scent blends wonderfully with the rocky Adriatic coast and crystal clear sea. This unique climate is hard to match anywhere else around the world.

Camping resort Valkanela in the town of Funtana, Croatia.

Winter, spring, summer and autumn take turns as well as numerous entertainment and active opportunities. The Croatia weather page will give you a few more details about the weather itself from our personal experience.

You will enjoy long paths walking or hiking by the sea, bike and push scooter rides or recreational jogging. There are established bike routes through untouched nature inviting you to explore them at your own pace.

Everything is here, including the traditional Croatian seaside cuisine excellent local wines and olive oils, natural beauties, preserved cultural heritage, and many other numerous reasons to spend your time out in the open.

Naturist Camping

A few stories tell that naturism begun in Istria somewhere in the early 1930's. Well whatever the truth is, the Coast of Croatia has been one of the most naturist friendly destinations since then. Around 30 naturist resorts and a lot more secluded beaches offer more than enough space if you wish to enjoy Croatian beaches without your clothes on.

Koversada for example, is one of the oldest and very well known naturist resorts in Istria. Thousands of people visit this beautiful place every year to enjoy their free time immersed in pure nature.

Wheelchair Accessible Camping

Most of the newer or renovated camping sites and resorts have good wheelchair accessibility. Camping Croatia is rapidly becoming a disabled friendly destination do to this fact. Bathroom and toilet facilities, supermarkets and beaches will most likely offer accessibility for the disabled.

Some Camping Croatia Basic Info

While some camping sites and resorts remain open throughout the year in order to enjoy winter camping in you camper van, most of of them open around Easter holidays in the month of April. The month of October is usually the end of the season and the doors close until next year.

English, German and a few other languages are widely spoken either by the owners, at the reception desk or by the staff. The guest population is a mix of Europeans and other people from abroad, so rest assure that you will be able to find your way around, get a helping hand or enjoy a friendly chat.

Booking in advance is generally a common practice in larger resorts were most of the summer crowds go to for their holiday. Keep in mind that this applies mainly to those that tend to spend their entire vacation here. For those of you that travel Croatia in your campervan, a place for a couple of nights will be easier to find, therefore there is no need for booking.

Spring And Autumn, Go For It!

In our opinion and If you do have a chance and no other obligations of course, Croatia is by far best visited in spring and autumn. In the month of April, the sun starts warming up, days get longer and the nature awakes from winters rest. If you crave for some peace and solitude, this is really a true traveler's delight.

Spring and autumn are our favorite periods to travel Croatia.

Another time of year that we prefer are the months of September and October. The Adriatic sea is still warm enough for a swim, specially in the south part of the coast, the nature is slowly preparing for a winters rest and tranquility finds its way back again after a busy summer.

However, spending quality time between limestone mountains and the Adriatic sea with pine, oak and olive trees to walk through can never be wrong, no matter what the season. It's something we always look forward to every year!

Enjoyed Or Own A Great Croatian Camping Site?

Have you found a great camping place that you wish to recommend to other travelers? Or maybe you're the owner of a wonderful place to stay immersed in pure nature that Croatia has to offer...Well isn't this just a great place to do so, pay it forward is always our game!

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