Optional Camping Gear List

Our Camping gear list with all the camper accessories for your comfort available as an option with our Camper Van Rental.

Everybody has their own needs of course and we kind of added our most used camper accessories from the top of our list based on our personal experience.

The prices are all flat rates for the entire rental period, unless otherwise stated. The accessories listed are subject to availability and some of them may vary slightly from the images shown.

GPS €30

Hassle free navigation to streets and points of interest throughout Europe. All the usual navigation in and out of larger cities, finding camping sites, routes to beaches, gas stations, shopping malls, restaurants and anything else you might need on your trip. Highly recommended!

Sun-sail Awning €30

The multipurpose sun sail for additional protection from the sun. Fixed on the roof of your van with extra strong suction cups and stretched out with two poles and a few strings.

Bike Rack € 30

Standard Fiamma bike rack for two bikes or push pedal scooters. You can also carry a child stroller on it. We tried it and it works great!

Bicycle €30

Many Europeans travel with bicycles on the back door. They're great for trips around the country or just to the nearest store.

Scooter €30

The scooter or kick-bike is  perfect for moving around on a light and easy to handle vehicle. You can easily use it around the camping site, city, or for a trip to the countryside.

Porta Potty €30

Waking up in the middle of a cold or rainy night or just looking for a clean public toilet on your way? You just can't beat the comfort of a portable toilet in you camper van. Comes complete with a bottle of biodegradable liquid.

Charcoal Grill €30

A tough plated steel cooking grate charcoal grill. If you love grilled meat, fish, vegetables or anything else you might think of, this is a must portable grill to travel with.

Cast Iron BBQ €30

A tough, easy to clean cast iron plate propane grill. If you love grilled meat, fish, vegetables or anything else you might think of, this is a must portable grill to travel with.

Sleeping Bag/Cover 10€

Sleeping bag that unzips  on the bottom and doubles up as a double cover for extra warmth at night.

Towel Set 10€

A set of towels for one person, so you don't have to carry them from your home. 3 piece towel set, plus a beach towel.

Small Lantern 5€

Small and portable lantern that shows you the way or stays on a camping table at night.

Solar Shower 5€

The classic camping shower that heats on the sun, just in case you need to freshen up far from the public facilities.

Spicy Camping Gear List

Our camping accessories are picked from our most used favorites based on our travels around Europe. However, if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear from you for some fresh ideas for the future. Feel free to Contact Us and have your say!

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