Camping Greece

Camping Greece in a campervan is a unique and unforgettable experience that you will hardly ever forget. Travel and explore around the cradle of the western culture at your very own pace and in the comfort of your camper.

The stunning Porto Katsiki beach on Lefkas island that offers great camping facilities in Greece.

This land is different than anything else in the Mediterranean. The easy going lifestyle, excellent food in local Tavernas, and their distinctive music separates Greece from the usual and takes you back to another time with it's rich history.

But ancient Greece is not the only reason to be here. The stunning nature of unique mountain landscapes and the wild coastline with beautiful beaches on the mainland or the numerous islands are all strong and serious facts to be considered by any traveler.
Our Spicy campervan rental base is less than an hour away from the Italian port of Trieste with regular ferry connections to Greece. In less than 24 hours, a comfortable cruise will get you down either to the port of Igoumenitsa on the mainland or to the main port of Patras in the Peloponnese peninsula.

Where To Go Camping in Greece?

There are hundreds of camping sites on the 14.000 kilometers of the diverse coastline throughout the country. Others are close to points of interest such as Meteora, Delphi and Olympia.

Voidokilia Bay on the west coast of the Pelopenese peninsula and wild camping in  Greece.

This is a large country and with all the diversity that it has to offer, traveling around, slowly absorbing the landscape and the local life seems like the only reasonable thing to do here.

Picking a favorite spot is mission impossible and you really need to prepare yourself before entering Greece. Take two or three weeks of your time at least for this trip, or otherwise you'll be missing all the fun.

So just for a quick reference, here are some of our favorite choices from our previous camping Greece  experiences.

Northern Greece

  • Discover the west coast by visiting small towns such as Plataria, Parga and Ammoudia.
  • Driving further down to the south, you can visit the beautiful island Lefkada. The beaches on the west coast are just fabulous!
  • Once you're here, the island of Kefalonia is nearby and you can visit the sounds of Captain Corellis's mandolin if you wish so...(yes, the movie was filmed on the island!)
One of the Meteora monasteries in Greece.
  • The Meteora monasteries build on high sandstone rock pillars are immersed in a peaceful natural environment, offering a lot of hiking and climbing possibilities.
  • Volos is situated in the beautiful Pagasetic Gulf, just on the footstep of Mount Pelion. The attractive peninsula under the mountain will keep you busy enough for a few days.
  • From the Oros Parnassos mountains, the road gradually descends to the archaeological site of Delphi and town with the same name.

And from here on, you can gradually reach the...

Peloponnese Peninsula

The peninsula can be reached either by a ferry boat, using the Rio-Antirio bridge or driving all the way to the east to cross the famous and man-made Corinth Canal.

Peloponnese is all about historical sites, diversity of beaches, olive oil, feta cheese, great Tavernas and most of all enjoying life without having any expectations. And if you do have at least a couple of weeks to spare...

Consider a round-trip around the peninsula and check out these spots...

On the road between Coroni and Methoni on the Pelopenese peninsula, Greece.
  • Corinth canal and the Temples of Apollon and Octavius.
  • Epidavros with the best preserved amphitheater in Greece large enough for 12.000 people.
  • Monemvassia is the Greek version of Gibraltar from medieval times and with a bit of inspiration from the Venetian republic.
  • Kythira - a sparsely populated island with one of the best beaches I ever seen and absolutely no trace of mass tourism!
  • The Mani peninsula is a wild and mountainous area with a few very small and typical towns, the village of Vathia and a very relaxing atmosphere.
  • Methoni with the fortress from Venetian times and one of the largest on Peloponnese.
  • Zakythos is the famous island with great beaches, caves, sunken ships and the place where the Caretta turtles lay their eggs.

Greek Islands And Hospitality

Balos Beach Crete Greece best beaches in Europe.

About one fifth of Greek territory is formed by islands of various sizes. Most of them have regular ferry connections with the mainland. If you wish to discover them with your camper van, the larger islands such as Corfu, Lefkas, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Kythira and of course Crete are large enough for exploring around and worth a trip.

We were often surprised by the locals while wild camping in Greece. You can expect local fruits and vegetables being offered on a beach or someone inviting you to stay on their property.

And when you sit down for a meal at the local Taverna, you will most likely be invited in the kitchen to pick out the food you want to eat!

Wild Or Free Camping In Greece

A long tradition of free camping in Greece is present in this country. Wild camping is forbidden by law in the recent years, but that doesn't stop travelers to sleep close to one of the many and accessible secluded beaches for a couple of nights. Like always, use your common sense, don't flash out for no particular reason and clean up after you leave!

For more information about this all time classic, check out Visit Greece and check out this great video below.

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