Camping In Europe - Diversity Of Culture

Camping in Europe with Spicy Camper Van Rental is simply the best way to explore the old continent, blend with the locals, their easy going lifestyle and other like-minded travelers. There are more than 10.000 affordable camping sites all around and you will hardly find a place of interest without one nearby.

You will find them on the outskirts of most larger or small towns, all around the seaside, lakes, rivers, mountains and other regions that welcome travelers with open hands. And be prepared to find a few in the most bizarre places in the middle of nowhere.

Camping in Europe, Soča camping site in Slovenia.

The camping sites vary anything from small and family owned behind the barn patches of grass, larger community spots and over the edge camping villages including everything but the Major and the Townhouse. Even the smaller ones will have a hot shower and a toilet, but do expect to get a lot more than that.

Camping villages offer a large variety of accommodation for just about everyone. So apart from the regular camping site, you will find all kind of mobile homes, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, activities, excursions, animation and so on. As a traveler with an open mind, I guess that staying at one of these is entirely you call.

Finding Camping Sites

Camping in Europe is thoroughly covered by organizations like Eurocamping, Adac and others, perhaps more regionally oriented. You can always find them on the internet or as a mobile application.

If you feel more comfortable with a paperback camping guide, the Spicy team will always have some of them available for the road. Each organization mentioned above, annually and personally inspects thousands of camping sites before adding them on their listing.

Eurocampings for example, offers handsome off-season discounts with a special package for two persons, one vehicle, a pet and mains hookup. Highly recommended!

Most of the camping guides contain thorough information such as:

  • Prices
  • Activities, quality and access
  • Access to beaches, lakes and rivers
  • Pitches, power and internet access
  • Wheelchair access
  • Public transportation
  • Shopping facilities
  • Restaurants in vicinity
  • Medical help
  • ATM machines
  • Opening season
  • And a lot more...

Naturist Camping In Europe

Naturism is promoting a healthy lifestyle in harmony with the natural environment and is a European invention dating back in the early 20th century.

Yes, it means being nude in the perimeter of the camping facilities including beaches, swimming pools and other activities if available. It is also a very liberating experience once you set your mind to it.

Naturist camping in Croatia.

In the summertime, Croatia offers more than 30 official naturist resorts on the Adriatic sea and plays the leading role in European naturism since the 1930's. France excels with resorts on the Atlantic coast, Mediterranean coast and up in the mountains close to rivers or lakes.

Other than naturist campings, look out for the many secluded beaches, where a naturist beach or a part of it is proclaimed solely by tradition of it's inhabitants and you can easily reach some of them with your Spicy camper van.

Registration And Regulations

Registration is a straightforward process. Once you check out the camping site of your choice and find a pitch for your vehicle, you have to register yourself at the reception desk by filling out a special form. You will be asked to leave one of your personal documents at the reception until your departure.

Regulations are very simple and available at the reception desk and throughout the camping site. European camping sites like to be quiet from 11p.m. until 7a.m. and most of them strictly forbid the use of open fire.

Some camping sites will give also have special passes for the gates, beach access or even the toilet block in order to prevent  people other than the camping guests, using these facilities.

Camping in Europe is generally safe, but do keep your belongings in a safe place. Minor thefts do happen from time to time, especially in peak season.

ACSI Eurocampings is Europe's largest campsite search engine with a wide selection of camping sites for every taste throughout the continent.

Camper Stop

Camping in Europe in a camper van means that you can use the Camper Stop option as an alternative to camping. Most European countries are camper van friendly, therefore you will find these type of facilities close to most points of interest and many other places on your way.

A Camper Stop will usually offer a possibility for an overnight stay, waste water disposal, fresh water access and 220V mains hookup. Some will also have showers and toilets. Expect to pay anything from 0 to 20€ per night.

Many camping sites offer the same kind of accommodation for a fairly reduced price. There are quite a few publications and internet websites for these facilities, therefore rest assure that the Spicy team will have a few of them ready for you. But once you get on the road, our best bet is that you'll find them all by yourself.

Free, Wild Camping Or Boondockin'

Apart from designated areas and many parking spaces, free-camping in Europe is prohibited by law in most European countries except under certain rules in Scandinavia.

Camping on the coast of France.

However, you will often find groups or individuals camping or staying overnight in their vehicles on various locations throughout Europe. Of course you can join them, but you can also expect to be moved by the local police in the middle of the night and even pay a fine if the guys have a lousy night.

You can always sleep on private property with a prior agreement with the owner. Use your common sense when practicing free-camping and try not to flash out from the crowd for no particular reason.

A Few Travel Ideas

  • The Alps are the backbone of Europe with their stunning natural beauty and diversity
  • Sardinia or Tuscany? Only a few hours away from our home!
  • Catch a ferry from the ports of Trieste or Venice or just drive down to Greece!

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