Cheap Campervan Hire - Explore Slovenia, Croatia, Europe And The World

A cheap campervan hire will meet your budget somewhere halfway between a car rental and a larger motorhome. So if staying in a resort or a tour bus for a couple of weeks is not exactly your kind of thing, a camper van rental will probably be your best solution.

Car rentals are mobile enough, but you will still have to search for a place to spend the night. A camper van provides the best option here. If you like to stay simple, practical and mobile, this is the best that you can go for.

With a cheap campervan hire, you will usually get a basic van equipped with most of the camping essentials that you need for the road. The bedding, kitchenware,  cooler and a camping stove is usually included in the rental price and you can always choose some extra gear for an additional fee.

There will always be enough room for a large double bed made from the rear seating area. For more sleeping capacity, some hiring companies offer a roof top tent, large and comfortable enough for another couple to sleep in.

Other companies offer pop top or hard top roof vans for more headroom or actual standing height. These vehicles will also comfortably sleep up to four or five people, but the rental price will naturally be slightly higher.

Cheap Campervan Hire Around The World

Escape Campervans USA

Do to the stunning landscape, Australia, New Zealand and the American West are obviously three most traveled regions, therefore rentals will be quite easy to find in these parts of the planet. Try the colorful and unique Escape Campervans USA for a colorful trip around the United States.

South America and Africa are also covered by a few companies, so a Google search or any other browser for that matter will do the trick. Just type in the search terms "campervan rental" or "camper van hire" and see what you come up with.

Europe has a lot of history and old medieval towns to explore, but the charms of the Mediterranean world are hard to escape. The climate is usually more pleasant at these parts and the season is longer.

But regardless the weather you can get a cheap hire anywhere from Iceland, where you can try Happy Campers for example, and all the way down to Spain and Portugal on the western part of Europe to fully enjoy the freedom and adventure of camper van camping.

If you wish to visit the Alps or the Mediterranean and Adriatic sea, well you're just on the right website to do that. Spicy Campers will gladly help you out here.

A camper van conversion is obviously the best way to explore any part of the world. This is an alternative concept of travel, without depending on schedules, accommodation bookings, appointments or programs. Hire a camper van, and the means of transportation and overnight stay are always with you!

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