Cold Weather Camping In Slovenia And Croatia

With the ever increasing number of recreational vehicles on the road, cold weather camping is becoming more and more popular by the year. Truth being said, the summer heat and the crowds are  overwhelming at times and not exactly everyone's favorite idea of spending a relaxing holiday.

Following this trend are the municipal camper stops, camping sites and larger resorts, offering  swimming pools, saunas, spa's and various other trendy wellness treatments. Thermal resorts and skiing slopes are a favorite in Slovenia. The resorts will usually have a nearby hotel, where you can enjoy the restaurant if you don't want to bother with cooking in your camper.

Camper van camping the European Alps.

While most camping sites in Slovenia and Croatia close down towards November, a few of them saw the potential and equipped their infrastructure for proper cold weather camping. Besides staying open all year long, they offer electricity hook-up, running water and properly heated bathroom facilities.

Our camper vans are properly insulated and come with an optional heater, so there is absolutely no reason for not enjoying a few days in the winter months far away from the smog and fog of your home town. The easy going Adriatic style atmosphere just is so much more relaxing.

Cold Weather Camping Activities

The swimming season is naturally over by now and most of the travelers leave for home. However, there are still quite a few periods of stable weather until the month of April, when camping resorts reopen again.

Camper Stop on the Adriatic coast.

The Mediterranean parts of both countries generally have a much milder climate than the mainland and the mountain regions. That doesn't mean that it won't snow here every once in a blue moon, but the temperature rarely drops below the freezing point.

That said, you can enjoy most of the activities that you usually do, in a cooler climate and without  the summer crowds around. Or check out one of the many local festivals such as "Truffle days" and "St. Martin's day" for example. The locals do like to entertain themselves out of the main season.

Relax reading your favorite book on a nice sunny day, explore the beaches, take a long walk around the coast, discover the medieval towns like Piran, Poreč, Rovinj or Opatija and for the more adventurous, go hiking or biking on one of the many trails available in the vicinity. When you're done, take out the grill and start grilling and enjoy a glass of wine, which by the way, is abundant in these parts of the world.

Discovering the Adriatic beach in early spring.

While parts of Slovenia might be covered with snow, the many thermal resorts are fully open for the  winter season. Istria and it's hinterland offer even more to discover. Quiet old ancient towns, with great walks, excellent local culinary treats and the soothing Mediterranean climate to top it all of. The most visited are naturally the wine and olive oil routes.

Istria has been a top European summer destination for decades now, so why not discover the region in the cooler months. There is a reason for this spot to be named the Provence of Croatia, and with all the cold weather camping facilities at hand, camper van camping just gets a brand new perspective here.

The days get shorter toward the end of the year, so you will have to find something to occupy yourself with, unless you want to stay in your camper van resting for the rest of the day. Which is not a bad idea at all.

A camper stop on the Adriatic coast in the early spring.

This might be a good time to visit a local restaurant for a "slow food" type of meal for example. Staying in one of the larger resorts will keep you occupied with swimming pools and other wellness facilities. Or just take a walk around the nearest town. After New Years eve the days start to get longer while the sun tries to get warmer. Therefore the early spring months are somewhat more pleasant with all the nature walking up from the winters sleep.

If you wish to step away from the crowds and do something new for a change, try spending the winter holidays out in the nature. Gear yourself up for cold weather camping and go get that fresh air from the Adriatic Sea and the local flora.

Enjoy The Winter In Your Camper Van

So as you see, cold weather camping offers many practical solutions. With your room on wheels, you're free to drive around at you own pace, while enjoying the scenery. Walking, jogging, bicycling or any other type of your favorite activities will be much more pleasant in cooler temperatures. And with campers, camping stops and sites all prepared for cold weather camping, staying at home for no particular reason would just be a big waste of time.

There are two separate lists of winter camping sites, one for Slovenia and the other for Croatia. Both of the links will take you to a list page in Slovenian language, however, there is nothing there but the links of the desired places to click on. Apart from the lists, this comprehensive camping guide is also available in English.

If you wish to find your preferred travel destinations, feel free to visit our map page.  Hope you enjoy winter camping as much as we do!

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