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Croatia beaches and the amazing Adriatic coast are with no doubt top European attractions. The diverse and picturesque coastline with about 1200 islands offers more than enough rock, pebble and sand beaches of various sizes. And on top all that, most of the 300 camping sites in Croatia are located on the shore with direct access to the beach!

Croatia beaches and the Kornati Natural Park. This archipelago is simply awesome!

Crystal clear and warm Adriatic sea with pristine nature are a magnet for any traveler that enjoys exploring around and relaxing on a beach. Limestone mountains and the rocky coast line with pine, fig and olive trees form a relaxing environment that takes you back to another time.

Most of Croatia beaches can be reached either by foot or any other form of transportation. Others are accessible by foot or boat only. These are the secluded beaches other keen travelers tell you about, and are usually well worth the adventure.

Which is our favorite? Well many of them and with such a variety, "explore and discover on your own" is your best choice. However, according to various sources, the following Croatia beaches are the most attractive going down from north to south. But keep in mind that these are merely a few of them. You will find many others along the mainland and the islands.

The best time to visit? From late March to early November and if the weather holds stable, throughout the winter. You won't get to swim in the winter, but Croatia beaches will be all yours to enjoy.

Bale, Istrian Peninsula

Pristine nature far from the crowds. Bale, Istria.

If you're looking for a peace and nature, camping San Polo and Colone might do the trick. They're owned and operated by the same company, share one reception desk and actually operate two separate bays. Back To The Nature is their slogan and this is exactly what they offer.

Both camping sites have great pebble and rock beaches, basic facilities and two bars and restaurants. There is plenty of shade and pitches to choose from and if you're lucky you just might get the one directly on the beach. Amazing sunsets!

Foot paths and dirt roads will let you explore the surrounding area and the ornithological park. The nearest towns Rovinj and Pula are far enough, not to be disturbed by the crowds or a busy road.

Lubenice, Cres

Untouched Croatia beach beauty on Cres island. Lubenice.

This picturesque village on the island of Cres is located on the top of the cliff with the this stunning beach below. The German Build magazine ranked this beauty among the top 15 most amazing beaches of the world.

But in order to reach this pebble beach you will have to walk down a steep slope for about 40 minutes and well over an hour to get back. Remember to bring a lot of water, some food for the day and something to keep you in a shade.

Velika Plaža, Krk

Everything you need right on the top of the beach. Baška, Krk.

The small town of Baška is one of those great places where everything is at the reach of you hand. So the camping site, shops, bars and restaurants are all just above the 1800 meter long pebble and sand beach and you really don't need to go anywhere else for a while.

Krk island has many other interesting Croatia beaches to discover as well. So,if you don't mind the summer crowds, this is one great place to visit.

Lopar, Rab

Do you have kids or just love to endlessly play and relax in the sand.? Well super, the island of Rab has some excellent sandy beaches. The best known is the "blue flag" 1500 meters long and shallow Rajska plaža (Paradise Beach).

The blue flag stands for quality and pristine natural environment. If your restless soul needs to explore around, there are also other and less populated sandy Croatia beaches, such as the Sahara for example.


A variety of beaches around Novalja on the island of Pag.

If you wish to discover the island of Pag, the town of Novalja has a large variety of family friendly Croatia beaches in a short range of 3 kilometers. Surrounded by pure Mediterranean nature of pine forests, these blue flag awarded beaches will invite you with the emerald clean and warm Adriatic sea with easy access. Other natural and historical attractions will only enhance your experience here. Oh yes, and the dreamlike sunsets on the west side of the island, don't forget about them!

The short ferry access from the mainland and not being far from Spicy Campers premises, it's only natural to come here often. Straško camping, close to Novalja is currently one of the best on the coast, a bit large, but very neatly planned out and organized. Great pebble beach by the way and just about everything else you might need.

Ninska Laguna, Nin

Queens Beach in the sandy laguna of Nin.

Fourteen kilometers from Zadar and far away from the crowds lies the proud and historical town of Nin. A camping site is located next to a 5km long sandy beach that goes by the name Kraljičina plaža (Queens Beach). The German ADAC ranked it at the top of the most beautiful Croatia beaches.

This is a great place for small children and anybody else that loves to endlessly explore and play in the sand. One of the lagoon’s special features is also medical Peloid mud. It's other claim to fame is wonderful winds for sea sports such as kite and windsurfing. More than enough fun for any age!

Sakarun, Dugi Otok

Sakarun, perhaps one of the most picturesque Croatia beaches on Dugi Otok island.

Now this photo here, it could be easily mistaken with some tropical island bay, however... this is the Sakarun beach on Dugi Otok, an island in the Zadar archipelago. The beautiful bay will impress you with the turquoise blue sea and white sand covering the shallow seabed. it's about 800 meters long and you can find it near the small towns of Veli Rat, Soline and Božava.

The beach is listed as one of the most beautiful bays in the world and with the tall light-hose nearby, this is a must for a  photo session. Try not to miss this one!

Solaris, Šibenik

Solaris Resort pebble beach near Šibenik.

This is currently the best resort on the Adriatic coast. It's quite large and has everything that you might possibly need. A neat camping site with excellent facilities, mobile homes, hotels, spa's and so on. What amazed us most, was the replica of a typical Dalmatian village, with an excellent restaurant and their very own vegetable garden.

The pebble beach is long and runs throughout the resort. You have a choice of natural beaches or the umbrella shaded deck chair parts with a bar at the reach of you hand.

If you and your kids need some action, the brand new Aqua-park and the pirate ship in the harbor will take care of that. Or just take a walk on the footpath that runs along the beach for some ice cream and fresh air.

Zlatni Rat, Brač

Nominated the most beautiful beach in Croatia and Europe. Zlatni Rat, Brač island.

For many, Zlatni rat (Golden Cape) needs no further introduction. It's the most beautiful beach in Europe, posted on most of the "travel to Croatia" websites and publications and well known to the wind and kite surfing population of this planet.

This unique pebble cape tends to change it's shape and position according to the winds. Located between the island of Korčula and Brač which are extremely close to one another, the channel forms amazing adrenaline winds or a cooling breeze in the shade.

Pelješac Peninsula

Pebble beaches under St. Ilija mountain on the Pelješac peninsula, Croatia.

A rather long peninsula with the impressive Saint Ilija mountain on the west end and with many pebble beaches around small medieval towns scattered at the foothills of the mountain. You'll love the pristine nature and the timeless, natural environment with captains villas from another time. Pine and cypress trees simply enhance the natural beauty of this place.

Pelješac is sparsely populated, therefore you'll have more than enough room for yourself. If you drive to the peninsula from the mainland, Praprotno will be the first beach on your way. From here you can also hop on a ferry and visit the island of Mljet. Other beaches are mostly on the western side around the towns of Orebič, Viganj and Kučište. if you drive to the east side towards Trpanj, Divna and Duba Pelješka are the fine Croatia beaches to look for.

The western tip is also a well known surf and kite center do to favorable winds. Diving centers will take you deep down to the wonders of Adriatic Sea if this is more of your sport.

Banje, Dubrovnik

Medieval fortress of Dubrovnik from Banje beach.

The medieval fortress town of Dubrovnik is already a well known destination that needs no further introduction. Walking around the walls and exploring the town itself can be quite exhausting under the warm Mediterranean sun, therefore a dip in the warm Adriatic sea will be quite rewarding.

The Banje pebble and sand  beach is a club type place with a bar including sun shade umbrellas and deck chairs. If you don't mind the crowds, this is a great place to relax after exploring around the old town. You can also rent a pedal boat and cruise around the city walls on the sea.

Croatia Beaches Along The Road

On of the many beautiful beaches along the Adriatic coast in Croatia.

The stunning beauty of the Croatian coast amazed even the most skeptical and demanding Spicy customer. The natural beauty and traveling Croatia in a camper van will force and allow you to enjoy the many beaches you will find exploring around on your own. After all, these are the fundamental basics of camper van travel.

Remember to keep the nature and all the beaches that you visit clean. Just pick up your waste and leftovers and deposit them where they belong. Our planet will be grateful for your action and involvement.

Please take a few minutes of your time and check out most of the beaches described in the above article on video. Have fun, enjoy the video and see you soon!

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