Explore Slovenia And Discover The Jewel Of Europe

It's time to explore Slovenia and discover all those snow white mountain peaks, lush green forests, crystal clear rivers and lakes that share this amazing land with a short, but beautiful strech of the Adriatic coast.

Slovenia is an amazing small country, where the European Alps almost meet the Adriatic sea and in between, the Karst region will amaze you with the mysterious underground world in forms of caves. The Pannonian Plain in the east is a world rich with benevolent water springs manifesting a variety of Spa resorts to pamper your body and soul.

Explore Slovenia and discover the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea!

Slovenia is the first country in the world to be considered a green destination based on the Green Destinations Criteria. Therefore swiming, hiking, ciclying and anything outdoors are naturally our favorite activities that are also enjoyed by many of our travelers.

When the day is done, it's time to indulge yourself with the local cuisine and excellent wine, for which Slovenia is so well known for. Slovenians are also very proud of our large variety of fresh and local products such as chesse, honey, olive oil and many more.

The best time to explore Slovenia is from April to October when the temperatures are warm enough to spend most of the day out in the open. Swimming in the sea is possible from May until September and there are individual enthusiats which continue swimming throughout the winter. How do they manage the cold water, well we seriously have no idea...

Are you ready to explore Slovenia now? Okay, let's dive in little bit deeper now and see what this country has to offer.

Explore Slovenia On The Road

Slovenia is a tiny country and it's only natural that everything is within a relatively easy reach. The bordering countries are Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary and they all pitch in for a unique mix of culture close to the country border, something not often seen in the rest of the world.

Discovering Slovenia with Spicy Campers.

The best way to explore Slovenia in our campervans is by driving along the countryside and using the country roads when possible. The well maintained road network and relatively short distances are our travelers favorites.

Two main highways through the country connect Europe with the Balkans and Budapest with Venice (east-west) metaphorically speaking. So take your time and explore Slovenia with an easy pace as nothing is far away and almost every corner of the country has something to discover. Take your time and enjoy yourself.

Sleeping In Your Spicy Campervan

Wild Camping

You can bet that we had been asked many times about wild camping or sleeping out of the designated camper areas. In general, any kind of sleeping and wild camping is forbiden by law, mostly in order to protect the nature.

However, many travelers are able to find quiet spots to spend the night when they explore Slovenia. Please do keep in mind, keep the spot clean. Our planet is not able do digest human trash anymore.

Explore Slovenia Using Camper Stops

Camper Stop in Bohinjska Bistrica. One of the many options to spend a night or two when discovering Slovenia.

Slovenia is continously spreding a network of camper stops on which you can spend a night or two. Camper stops are cheaper (some free of charge) than camping sites and in many cases offer basic amenities such as electricity, water and waste or grey water disposals. More modern facilities such as the camper stop in Koper for example, offer a fence seperated parking place including a proper and well maintained bathroom with hot showers.

In addition, you will find the Agrocamping guide in our office upon your arrival. This is a mini guide to Agro Tourism locations in Slovenia and Croatia, where the owners offer their local products and allow you to sleep in your camper van on the spot for a small fee.

Camping Sites

Please use the Camp Site Finder link in the right column!

In order to explore Slovenia in style, there are more than 50 camping sites at Slovenia's most prominent locations. Many of these facilities are family owned with long traditions in the field and be sure that each one of them added a lot of personal touch throughout the years.

What Would You Like To Experience In Slovenia?

Even though this is an extremely small country (and most of our guests are glad it is!), there are more than enough attractions to keep you busy for weeks here. To says the truth, many people are sorry only for not spending enough time to explore Slovenia!

Ancient castle above Lake Bled in Slovenia.

The already picturesque landscape of the country boasts hundreds of castles, manors and fortresses from various times in history. Some as ruins and others fully preserved and in many cases serving as restaurants, musems or hosting various events.

Slovenians love their mountains and keep a highly maintained network of hiking and mountain trails with well equipped mountain cottages for an overnight stay and a hardy mountain meal. Therefore you have an excellent opportunity to explore Slovenia on foot, which many of our visitors gladly take advantage of.

Lot's of stunning nature also attracts other sports such as ciclying with an ever increasing popularity. More seasonal watersports such as canyoning, canoeing, kayaking, rafting and lately paddle boarding are enjoyed by many enhusiasts from all around the world every summer.

Slovenia is proud of her mountains and the people love them!

Not to forget the fact that Slovenians are avid skiers and enjoy the local ski slopes each winter. And if you follow the skiing competitions, you'll probably be aware of the fact that Slovenia has a long line of Ski Champions in all alpine skiing disciplines.

A lot of people enjoy the adrenaline pumping paragliding experience. The mountains here do offer favorable thermal conditions and awesome views and therefore a paradise playground for paragliders.

And if you're not exactly one of the sport aficionados mentioned above, try to explore Slovenia horseback riding or discover the underground world in Postojna or Škocjan Caves with guided train tours.

The stunning Soča River Valley with it's pristine nature and unique emerald green color.

Museums, historical churches and ancient castles all have a story of their own to tell. A relaxed walk and a visit to Sečovlje or Strunjan salt pans topped off with a deliscious fresh seafood dinner in Piran might be a perfect solution for many.

And then again, there are quite a few more relaxed and off the radar places that we will gladly tell you about, either throughout our website or upon your arrival. We keep on discovering new places even through your experiences and we are grateful for sharing your knowledge with us.

The Mountains Of Slovenia

The European alpine world extends all the way to Slovenia which has been praised many times and in various publications as a country of pristine natural beauty. On top of all these more than flattering articles, the Triglav National Park has been placed in the top 10 destinations of pure natural beauty in Europe. The park proudly carries the name of Slovenia's highest mountain beauty, Mount Triglav.

A flock of sheep enjoying the summer in the Julian Alps, the most amazing corner of Slovenia.

And even being perfectly aware of these facts, we're still always amazed at all the appreciation we get from our guests returning from their trips. For people from around the world and coming in from countries with a serious lack of the mountain world, Slovenia is naturally a dream come true.

Pure nature is therapy at it's best and we should all be highly aware of this by now. The Julian Alps and Kamnik Savinja Alps offer the best you can get here. Simply walking and hiking along streams of pristine alpine water and under waterfalls is highly beneficial to your well being. Using your feet and a good pair of shoes is often the best way to explore Slovenia.

The Triglav National Park lies in the heart of the Julian Alps. The mountains with their high level lakes hold a lot of water and are therefore the source of natural pearls such as the emerald Soča River Valley, Lake Bohinj and the post card image Lake Bled.

Logarska dolina is one of the most pristine and relaxed places in Slovenian Alps.

The Soča river valley and Solčavsko region with Logarska Dolina (Logar valley) are both valleys of pure nature and proudly carry the EDEN award (European Destination of Excellence). Always a highly reccomended visit from our part!

Not far from here you will find the Velika Planina plateau where Slovenian herdsmen keep one of the most preserved settlements in Europe. This trip takes you amongst the green pastures of the mountain plateau in the heart of the Kamnik Savinja Alps. Here you will step back in time and explore the traditional herdsmen's life, taste their dairy products and admire the unique architecture of the cottages which define Velika Planina.

Velika Planina is the land of herdsmen, their herds and old traditions. A must visit in Slovenia!

The alpine world is also an excellent starting point to proceede to Austrian Alps, the Italian Dolomite alpine range and the Alps of Switzerland. All packed with stricking beauty and not that far away from our home base. An amazing alpine roundtrip to say so.

Okay, this is the alpine world in a few words, so we really hope it helps you out a bit when you decide to explore Slovenia. And if you climb high enough you might be able to see your next destination...

Exploring Slovenia's Coast Line

A few hours worth of driving will get you from the alpine world to the 47 kilometers of charming Slovenian coastline. Small seaside towns with medieval Venetian gothic architecture, olive grooves and vineyards are an  amazing change of scenery. And the crystal clear Adriatic Sea with the gulf of Trieste and the Julian Alps beautifuly exposed and rising in the distance is a view you will hardly ever forget.

Strunjan Landscape Park on the short Slovenian coast.

The coastline is neatly nesstled between Italy and Croatia and is actually the northern tip of the Croatian Istrian peninsula. There are four seaside towns with Koper being the main port of Slovenia and Izola standing out as a charming seaside town with cafes and restaurants along the waterfront.

Already famous and picturesque Piran is a wonderful combination of narrow medieval streets, galleries, museums, restaurants and the Giuseppe Tartini Square, named after the famous violinist and local hero. A short walk from Piran will get you to Portorož, a lively town and Slovenia's historic holiday resort.

Paddle boarding around Piran and the coast of Slovenia is an extremely rewarding experience!

Being passionate paddle boarders we like to explore Slovenia and the coast throughout the year and it's only obvious that we reccomend exploring the coast using a boat or paddle board. Natural habitat is what we're always looking for, therefore we picked our favorite parts of the Slovenian coast for you. Boats and paddle boards can be rented along the coast.

Cape Debeli Rtič is a natural monument located just north of Ankaran before the Italian border. The flysch cliffs and the sandy and shallow water bed are a pleasure to walk and swim at.

Bele skale beach at Strunjan Landscape Park on the Slovenian coast.

The eye catching flysch coastal landscape from Izola to Piran combines natural and man made beauty shaped throughout the centuries. Strunjan Landscape Park is located about halfway through this strech of the coast and strikes with the 80 meter high flysch cliff with natural sea shore of Mesečev Zaliv (Moon Bay). Definitely the beauty of the Slovenian coast, only reacheable by foot and offering amazing views to the Gulf of Trieste and the Julian Alps.

Sečovlje Salina Nature Park is a place of ancient salt worker traditions being kept alive up to today. It's a unique feature learned from the salt workers at the island of Pag (Croatia) more than 700 years ago. The manual gathering of salt is an important cultural heritage of Slovenia and was once quite common at the river outflows in this area. It is perfectly navigable using the canals, however, walking or biking along the paths is more reccomended. The gathering of salt takes place from May to September.

Sečovlje Salina Nature Park and the ancient salt worker traditions being kept alive up to today.

While the Slovenian coast is quite busy during the tourist season you might want to explore the slower life in the back country of Slovenia's Istria. Old traditions and methods of farming are very much alive in this hilltop vilages, often offering amazing views of the Julian Alps and the Adriatic sea.

Do to a favorable Mediterranean climate you will always find ecxellent traditional cuisine, with plenty of fresh food and award winning wines. This is definitelly not a place to shy away from traditional local gastronomy. Deciding to explore Slovenia means lots of green nature, pristine water, excellent wine and finger licking food on the table!

Limestone, Proscuttio Ham And Teran Wine Of The Karst

Karst is known as a landscape full of sinkholes, springs, and streams that disappear into sub terrain caverns. The word "karst" appeared in Europe, where early geologists first studied the nature of groundwater flowing through limestone hills and valleys.

Nanos Plateau proudly rising above the Vipava Valley.

Once you head east from the coast you will begin to explore Slovenia "on the rocks". Historians say that the Trnovo Forest Plateau and Nanos Plateau proudly rising above our Vipava Valley originate from an ancient and massive coral reef that stretched from the Soča River Valley to Velebit and Biokovo mountains in Croatia and all the way down to Montengero.

"Relentlessly verdant and creased with numerous rivers and springs, the Vipava Valley is a natural haven for low-intensity pleasure seeking. Unless you came here sometime between December and February, you would have no reason to believe that a place of such serenity also doubles as an ill wind’s seasonal punching bag."

                                                                            The New York Times

It's more than obvious that all three countries mentioned above have a huge natural playground for hiking, boating and swimming or just simply be grateful for what the nature has to offer here. Which we often are.

If you carefully explore Slovenia you will find that the country terrain does have a huge chunck of the mysterious Karst rocks and sinkholes. Just check out the world famous Postojna Caves, Škocjan Caves and Vilenica Caves or take a walk around the intermitent Lake Cerknica.

Škocjan Caves-the mysterious Karst world.

Or even better, rent a canoe and paddle around for a day trip. Cerknica Lake is an amazing natural habitat, however it is only full after the rain season. And when it is full, it is the largest lake in Slovenia.

The western Karst region above the Italian Gulf of Trieste and between Lipica and the picturesque medieval Štanjel is home to the noble Lipizzaner horses, famous Prosciutto ham and Teran, deep dark wine.

Endless forests, truffles, olive grooves, vineyards, peach and cherry orchards all promise a relaxed atmosphere, great hikes and excellent cuisine.

Kolpa River Valley

After the Logar valley and Soča river valley this is the third EDEN awarded destination of excellence in Slovenia. This is a completely different experience from the Soča river with the water being a lot calmer and even a bit lazy during the summer time. It is also warmer and extremely pleasant for swimming during the summer months as the temperatures reach well over 21°C (70°F).

The amazing Kolpa river on the border with Croatia.
Paddle boarding, canoening and rafting are all possible on the rather slow Kolpa river in Slovenia.

The Kolpa river is considered to be the longest coast of Slovenia running along the Croatian border for 118 kilometres (73 miles) through a narrow forest valley of extreme beauty. The vineyards here are blending with softly rounded hills, creating a peaceful ecologically biodiverse environment, far away from the crazy pace of the modern world.

This rather sparsely populated area with a few camping sites along the river is still a highly active area. You can discover old traditions and tiny villages either by foot or a bicycle. Definitely one more reason to explore Slovenia in every detail.

Our top reccomendation which many of you have previously experienced is paddling a raft or canoe down the river. While there are a few low dams to cross, paddling down through the rivers serenity takes you back to another time. Single or multiple day tours are possible and available throughout the valley. One of the most experienced providers in the field is the Kolpa Adventure team.

Health Spas And The Pannonian Plain

Do to the abundance of thermal water the eastern part of Slovenia is the world of body pampering and sucesfull recoveries. The numerous variety of Spa resorts based where the former Pannonian sea used to be are equipped with more than you could ever imagine for a relaxing vacation.

One of the many thermal and Spa health resorts in Slovenia.

Many of them also have a camping site or a camper stop where you can park your campervan. This way you can completely relax and enjoy all the body pampering the Spas have to offer.

Some among the well known spas with camping sites are Terme Čatež, Terme Olimia, Terme Ptuj, Terme 3000 and Terme Lendava. These are all modern resorts equipped with various pools, adrenaline water parks and other facilities and amenities to indulge yourself.

The ancient towns such as Maribor and above mentioned Ptuj are not only appealing to the eye but offer many various types of festivals and a comfortable atmosphere. Both offer an especially lively atmosphere along the Drava river. Yes, the river runs through both towns.

A land of vast fertile fields and rounded hills lined with vineyards in eastern Slovenia.

Further to the east is a land of vast fertile fields and rounded hills lined with vineyards. Yes again, and by now it is more than obvious that grapes grow just about anywhere here. Slovenia has great wines and excellent cuisine, with each corner of the country having a completely different culinary tradition.

The later is the part of the country where quite a few foreigners found their second home. The land was unexpensive for foreign standarts, fertile and quite sparsely populated. Some of them came to begin a completely new life while others came to enjoy the slow life after retiring from the rat race. Whatever the reason, many of them completely restored old traditional houses and now enjoy the local community life.

So you never know, you might decide to explore Slovenia only to find your new home. We heard a lot of people saying a couple of words about it...

Evergreen Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the lively capital of Slovenia and has been mentioned in several articles as the smallest and prettiest capitals in Europe. It has also been named the European Green Capital of 2016. The city might not be all that green, but a short drive from the center will take straight to the green meadows of the countryside.

Ljubljana is considered one of the smallest and prettiest capitals of Europe.

The most beautiful part of Ljubljana is the old city center, work of the celebrated architect Jože Plečnik. Take a stroll down the Ljubljanica River and immerse yourself in art, culture, cafes and culinary delights. Don't forget to check out the farmers market or the Open Kitchen offering culinary delights from around the world. The Open Kitchen is open every Friday from March to October.

Most of you will only visit Ljubljana for a few days and will probably not be here for an specific event. However there is quite a lot of outdoor entertaiment for all generations, just take a peek in parks and squares, you never now what might surprise you.

We already mentioned that Slovenia boasts over a hundred castles and Ljubljana is no exception. You can walk up the castle or take the funicular, either way you will have a great view of Ljubljana and the Alps in the background. An excellent restaurant is a self understanding fact.

So we kindly invite you to explore Slovenia with us and see for yourself how our green and healthy country looks like. So far we received 7 EDEN (European Destination Of Excelence) awards, so it must be for a good reason. And we do have something for everyone as everybody returned back home completely satisfied...

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