Inventory Check List

The Departure and Arrival Inventory Check List of your Spicy Camper Van.

Departure/Hirer__________________________Spicy Campers____________________________

Arrival/Hirer____________________________Spicy Campers_____________________________

Cook & Eat

1x Cutting Board

1x Italian style Cafetiera

1x Cheese grater

1x Peeler

1x Salad bowl

2x Forks

2x Knives

2x Small spoon

2x Large spoon

2x Dinner plate

2x Deep plate

2x Side plate

2x Mugs

2x Cups

3x Kitchen Knife

1x Wooden Spoon

Plastic Kitchen Tools Set (5pcs.): 1x  Fork, 1x Tongs, 1x Spatula, 1x  Spoon, 1x Semi-Ladle

Cooking Set (9pcs.): 1x Removable handle, 2x Stainless steel lid,  1x Strainer, 1x Pot, 2x Pan, 2x Saucepan.

1x Silicone dish mat

1 x Kitchen towel


1x Fitted sheet

1x Duvet cover

2x Pillow cover

2x Pillow

1x All season duvet


1x Clothes line and clamps

2x Camping seat

1x Camping table

2x Camping mat

2x CEE (Euro) power plug

1x 50m power cable drum


2x Large storage box

1x Washing container

1x Brush & dust pan

1x Scissors

1x Bottle opener with corkscrew

1x Inside table

1x Floor mat

6x Thermal window mats

1x First aid kit

1x Vehicle tool kit

1x Warning triangle

1x Safety vest

1x Fire extinguisher

1x 3kg propane bottle

1x Vehicle key

1x Car license

Extra Options


Sun sail awning

6 piece towel set for 2 persons

Sleeping bag

Solar shower

Cast iron BBQ

Porta Potty toilet

Vehicle And Damage Description