The Julian Alps

The Julian Alps are with no doubt the most amazing part of Slovenia and the bordering Italian province of Friuli. Diverse alpine landscape with bold limestone peaks reaching well over 2,000 meters into the sky will dazzle you with their panoramic and breathtaking scenery.

Julian Alps in Slovenia

Creation of nature was already complete when men, for the first time, set foot in these valleys and mountains. The fossil shells clearly point to the fact that these massive rock sculptures were formed on the ocean floor a long time ago.

Today this is home to the Triglav National Park, Trenta valley and some of the most beautiful rivers and lakes in Europe. The unsurpassed beauty of the emerald green Soča river and the crystal clear Bohinj lake are praised and enjoyed by many lovers of nature. And lake Bled that's been flashing so often as a post card image of Slovenia is just around the corner.

Vršič pass in Slovenia with Spicy Campers.

Julian Alps offer the best of the Alpine world and the Mediterranean Karst as this is where both regions meet. It's a dreamland for hikers, climbers, skiers and water sport enthusiasts looking for a bit of solitude immersed in pure peace and nature. And for anybody else that knows how to enjoy quiet pastries, forests, waterfalls and romantic lakes reflecting the surrounding mountains.

Located at the north western corner of Slovenia, the Julian Alps border with Italy and Austria, therefore it is quite easy to find yourself in another country in no time. This is a region of various flora and fauna, natural riches and water in abundance. A region that offers plenty and therefore merits all respects to nature itself.

Soča River Valley

Spicy Campers is located just a short drive from the southern stream of Soča river. From here, the road heads up north all the way to the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park.

Solkan bridge above Soca river

Once upon reaching the valley you will immediately drive just above the famous and unique Solkan railway bridge with the largest stone arch in the world, spreading well over 85 meters over the Soča river.

It's the last of the stone build bridges and a marvel of Austrian construction from the 20th century. The museum steam train is used several times for special runs during the season on the Bohinj route.

The picturesque town Kanal ob Soči is where the road crosses the valley over a small arched bridge, from which an annual jump competition is held. The road becomes narrower and the Julian Alps are soon spotted just above the town of Tolmin.

From here, you can also visit Most na Soči, another picturesque small town where the Soča river spreads into a beautiful small lake. A walk around the lake or a canoe trip to the nearby Idrijca river valley is highly recommended. Very few people know of this place and you can definitely enjoy both peaceful and cool rivers almost on your own.

Most na Soči and Soča river valley.

Heading up to Kobarid, the scenery changes dramatically. Julian Alps on the right and the bordering mountain range with Italy on the left of the road. There are many gateways to the Soča river and the mountains, where you can find a perfect spot for the otherwise illegal "one night wild camping" in perfect solitude.

Kobarid is an intersection town, where the road splits. You can choose to drive towards Italy or the much recommended Nadiža river or head up north through the Soča river valley to Bovec. There are two excellent camping sites just above Soča, where you can take a break and enjoy the footpaths around it and to the amazing Kozjak waterfall for example.

We never understood why humans need to fight each other, or how easily they're manipulated into doing so. The Soča river valley and the timeless mountains above it witnessed some of the most bloody battles in World War I. and Kobarid Museum is an award wining outlet for history enthusiasts.

Triglav National Park

The name of the park comes from Slovenia's highest mountain and the symbol of the country, the majestic 2846 meters high three headed Mount Triglav. This is home to the chamois and the myth of the Goldhorn, first mountaineers and hardy shepherds.

The amazing Soča river valley.

The scenic narrow road that continues through the narrow Soča river valley towards Bovec, the Alpine action center of this beautiful region. Rafting, canyoning and paragliding are only a few of the many activities available under Slovenia's highest Ski Center based on Mount Kanin.

But the best part is the Triglav National Park itself, with it's untouched natural beauty of the Julian Alps rising high above the clouds while the Soča river almost silently continues carving out it's own valley through the Trenta valley. This is a region of pure nature with many different valleys that are simply made to be discovered on foot

Kranjska Gora and Triglav National Park in the background.

Scenic winding roads head up either to the Predil mountain pass bordering with Italy and descending down to the small and amazing Predil glacier lake and further down south to the two scenic Fusine lakes.

You can also choose the even more scenic road to the Vršič mountain pass descending down to the town of Kranjska Gora, where the annual World Championship ski events are held.

We often enjoy and highly recommend a round-trip between both mountain passes from where you can enjoy numerous "out of the main road" secluded valleys, waterfalls, glacier lakes and lots of hiking. Add a trip to the glorious Mount Mangart plateau where you can buy homemade cheese from the local shepherds base and enjoy great local dishes in the small mountain hut on the grassy meadows high in the skies. A few days spent in some of the best spots nature provides!

Julian Alps And Waters

Slovenia is a lot about pure green nature and fresh mountain water. Stunning waterfalls such as Kozjak, Boka, Savica and Peričnik fill the lakes and rivers. We have to mention again the adventure packed Bohinj glacier lake region, the postcard lake Bled and the smaller Predil and Fusine lakes in Italy.

Kobarid waterfalls-Kozjak

These are merely some of the larger water streams coming from The Julian alps much as the Emerald Queen Soča River and Sava river on the other side of the mountains. With the help of information boards and offices you can also discover and enjoy the perhaps more hidden corners of the Julian Alps such as the gorges of Soča, Tolminka and Zadlaščica or the Pokljuka valley.

And while you're here, don't forget to check out the sources and springs of Soča and Sava rivers. When the summer heat hits top markers, these waters will cool you down for sure!

With all the water and open pastries, you can bet that there is lots of cattle and sheep enjoying themselves in a perfect world. Therefore, cheese, trout and herbal brandy is definitely something you need to get a taste of here!

Enjoying Slovenia's Mountains

Most of our guests find the Julian Alps a place of preference and definitely a place they should spend more time at. It may look like a small area at a first glance, but in reality it offers so many hidden corners of amazing silent nature that it takes a very long time to properly enjoy and appreciate everything it has to offer.

We already mentioned the helpful information boards and offices, we do post regularly on our Facebook page and you can always use our online map for your further reference. The map has many places of interest placed-marked and we're always open for your suggestions and recommendations.

Not far from the coast towns such as Koper for example, this is definitely a part of Slovenia that deserves detailed attention in order to enjoy your trip to the fullest.  Who knows when you'll be coming again...

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