Koper Slovenia - The Medieval Port Town

Koper. Slovenia has a 45 kilometer coastline with Koper being the main port town of the country. Along with Piran and Izola, the old medieval cobble stone paved town centers will take you back in history to the ancient times of the Venetian Republic.

Koper, Slovenia. Venetian style old town and a commercial port all in one place.

Koper is Slovenia's busy port town with lot's of shopping malls and industry behind it, but once you enter the old center and the sea shore behind it, the scenery changes almost immediately. Numerous medieval Squares and narrow cobble stone streets will let you discover the rich history of this walled town step by step.

Palaces, galleries, cafe's, street vendors, small shops and restaurants are a feast for the eyes and your soul. No need to rush here, enjoy the easy going Mediterranean life style and spoil yourself with a few local culinary specialities.

If you need to stock up for the road, fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and other local quality products can be bought on the open market located on the border of the old town. When you travel Slovenia, homemade products are the way to go!

Praetorian Palace is a 15th-century Venetian Gothic palace in the city of Koper, Slovenia.

The mild Mediterranean climate is benevolent for everyone and Slovenia's Koper surely enjoys all the given benefits. What else can be more enjoying and relaxing than strolling down the cost in light mistral winds and watching the sunset on the Adriatic sea.

Apart from being Slovenia's main commercial port, Koper has also been chosen by a few Cruise Ship companies as a port of interest. So just in case you have nothing else to do, you can always go ship watching at the banks of the old town. They do enter or exit the port within a few meters from the shore and it is definitely something we should do more often!

There is a modern and fenced Camper Stop near the main bus station where
you can securely spend a few nights in your camper van. It's located within a walking distance from the old town and well connected with a combined pedestrian/bicycle path that will easily take you around or even for a long, lovely and highly recommended seaside walk to the next town of Izola.

Exploring Around Koper

So what else to do in Koper? Slovenia offers a rich and picturesque Mediterranean world with the Karst region in the background. This is the world of vineyards and olive, cherry and peach orchards finely nestled between tiny villages just above Koper and the surrounding area from where you can also enjoy amazing views of the Julian Alps.

Mesečev zaliv or Moon bay in the vicinity of Koper, Slovenia.

The Strunjan and Sečovlje salt pans dating back to the 13th century are just minutes away. Or check out the stunning Strunjan Natural Reserve and the 80 meter cliff rising above Moon bay. You can do it either on foot or even better, riding a boat.

We often explore the short Slovenian coast with our paddle boards, and this is always a very unique and enjoyable experience. There are a few paddle board and sea kayak rental companies that will rent out any of these vessels or even offer guided tours around the coast. Or just contact us for any further information.

If you need a more relaxed environment, Ankaran is the nearby resort just north of Koper and on the other side of the commercial port. It boosts a neat camping site and a picturesque coast line all to discover. Koper in Slovenia might not be on the top of your list, however it does merit a visit to enjoy it just the way it is. Personally, we love to drive here every now and then, for the change of scenery and a breath of fresh air. Specially in the low season months.

Why Visit Koper In Slovenia?

The video below will give you lot's of details about this town. It also contains some old footage from 1976 when Yugoslavia's former president Tito showed his "buddy" Fidel Castro around this lively town. Heck, we never knew about Fidel's visit up until now ourselves!

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