Exploring Korcula Croatia

There are many islands in the Adriatic sea, but Korcula in Croatia might just be one of those more interesting ones for a number of reasons. Small towns, olive grooves, alive old traditions and festivals, quiet small beaches and perhaps some of the best wines in Croatia will take you back to another time and far away from today's definition of tourism. The town of Korcula is also the hometown of the famous explorer Marco Polo and his house is open to visitors, therefore here goes another reason for a visit.

The town of Korcula with the Peljesac peninsula in the background in Croatia.Korcula Town

Korčula (pronounced Korchula) is the sixth largest island with a few small family owned camping sites and easily accessible if you already decided to visit the amazing Pelješac peninsula for example. If you care to check our online map you will easily see that there is only a short ferry ride from the town of Orebič on Pelješac to the town of Korčula passing the Pelješac Channel.The island is also accessible from Split or other islands, but this is the shortest and cheapest route to take.

Once you begin to travel in Croatia you will soon find out that you would need well over a couple of months to fully experience and absorb the laid back lifestyle specially on the Adriatic part. And you would need a lot of extra time on top of all that to visit at least the major islands. Therefore Korcula Croatia, being easily accessed from the Pelješac peninsula comes to consideration.

Pelješac And Korčula Are Both Well Worth A Visit!

Now the Spicy team will recommend each and everyone to visit at least one of the islands according to your available time frame. Naturally each Croatian island is unique, packed with old traditions, ancient architecture and the relaxing atmosphere which really make you wonder what happened to the outside world.

Račišče, Korčula. One of the beautiful and quiet bay towns on the island.Račišče, Korčula

Korcula Croatia is one of the pearls of southern Dalmatia and boosts all the neat features of any Adriatic island that make our clock tick. Picturesque walled old town, stunning views of the coast, Pelješac and a few small islands, fishing villages you can only dream of and a variety of coves to hide from on a secluded beach. As a few of our travelers remarked; the hardest thing of going back home is the harsh feeling of leaving this "ancient to say so" lifestyle behind.

Many Croatian islands have small and sometimes gravel sideroads that will usually lead to s secluded bay or beach. Therefore and depending on the territory they can be either discovered on foot, bicycle or and our favorite, a small boat or paddle board. Whenever you get a chance to rent one of them, please do so. Exploring the coast from the sea is an entirely new experience and offers a brand new perspective.

The narrow Peljesac channel that runs between Korčula and the peninsula is also a well known surf spot do to the favorable winds formed by the channel itself. So if your up to the challenge, there you have another way to experience the coast.

Beautiful nature, rich history and tradition dating back to medieval times along with old olive grooves and vineyards that surround ancient small towns and villages is what you get plenty of exploring the Adriatic Sea. And Korcula Croatia along with the Pelješac peninsula are both fine examples of the above. If you wish to escape package tourist crowds, these are definitely places to go.

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