A Map Of Croatia For Easier Navigation

Every time we open a large map of Croatia in front of our guests we get that "ohhh" expression from them. The country might seem small at a first glance but opening up an over sized paper Croatia map for the first time does reveal a lot of hidden corners and islands that are all there to discover.

If you decide to travel Croatia or at least the Adriatic coast, well 10 days will hardly cover anything. With all the hidden bays, tiny villages and small islands, a couple of months would be more appropriate. This is the main reason why we point you to the most scenic places and allow you to discover all the rest on your own. And to say the truth, we learned a lot from you as well.

On the Google map below, you will find the map of Croatia covered and described with various points of interest in Croatia, Slovenia and other countries in the vicinity. Just click on any red place-mark and a small image and description will pop out. We'll keep on adding more points of interest and we kindly ask you to share some of your favorites as well!

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Where To Go From Our Base?

As you van see on the map of Croatia just above Spicy Campers is located in Slovenia and just an hour drive from the Croatian border if you're driving towards the coast. You have to options in this case and that is either driving southwest towards Poreč for example or south east to Opatija and Rijeka. You can also drive into the mainland and visit the stunning Plitvice National Park and drive to the coast from here. The choice is entirely yours.

The Istrian peninsula more than merits your time. Most of the medieval towns on the coast and inland will surprise you with the remainings of the Roman Empire, Venetian style old towns, lots of beaches in between and that unforgettable easy going Mediterranean lifestyle everybody talks so much about!

Take the highway and you can reach Split for example in about 5 hours. However and from personal experience, we do always recommend the amazing Adriatic coast road. Yes, it's much slower but the scenery is beyond spectacular and we honestly don't want you to miss that experience. Believe us, everybody loves it, us included!

Don't Miss The Islands On The Croatia Map!

If you carefully observe the Map of Croatia by the coast you'll notice that there are at least 10 islands than more worth a visit. Most of them are connected with ferries, others with bridges or both, depending from where you're coming from. You can check the national ferry operator Jadrolinija for timetables and prices here.

Just a tip here. Up north the island of Krk is connected with a bridge and the same goes for the island of Pag if you're coming from the south. In case you decide to explore the beautiful and not so crowded Pelješac peninsula in southern Dalmatia a short ferry ride will also take you to another amazing island by the name Korčula from the lovely town of Orebič.

Paper Map Of Croatia

It has been proven over and over again, by our travelers and us as well, that we prefer to use large scale paper maps. There is no way in the world that a GPS or a smart phone App would do a better overall job. As we pointed out before, Croatia and Slovenia for that matter might be small countries, but only a good map will show you all the hidden corners.

So we provide you with paper maps of both countries upon your arrival. We will also open up the maps with you and go over some of the details for your trip. It's only understandable that for somebody from abroad, even the best map of Croatia isn't worth anything if you don't know where to go!

However a navigation device is always recommended for easier navigation. It saves a lot of U-turns in a unknown country and if you don't have your own, we can provide one for an extra fee.

Colorful Maps

We prefer to use maps with bright colors that highlight scenic roads and other attractions for easier navigation. Using them makes it much easier to decide where to go and which road to take there for a better experience.

Michelin, Marco Polo and Freytag & Berndt road maps have been our favorite choice for decades now as they are all highly detailed for most European countries.

We sure hope that you'll find the map of Croatia and our advice
helpful and we do wish you a great adventure!

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