Map Of Slovenia

You can use this map of Slovenia and the surrounding countries for several reasons. One is to show you our exact location marked with a blue placemark and the vicinity of other countries.

Check out some points of interest in Slovenia, Croatia, the Alps and other nearby countries by clicking on the red place-marks (a neat image and description window pops out). The blue ship that you see floating in the Adriatic sea is the port of Trieste in Italy, which is one of the possible getaways for a ferry-cruise to Greece. And please send us any of your favorite spots to add them on the map!

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From the map of Slovenia you can proceed to the map of Croatia and maps of other European countries and plan your trip in advance with some help coming from the destinations described on this website.

We'll be adding more points of interest further on and we would be more than happy to share some of your favorites.

Where Are We And How To Reach Us

Spicy Campers is based about an hour from the airports of Ljubljana, Trieste, Venice and Treviso. If our schedule allows, we can arrange to pick you up at any given airport for an extra fee.

We always reccomend using the train from the Airports of Venice or Treviso do to constant heavy traffic on the highway prone to accidents and delays. Both airports are connected with a shuttle service to the train stations, where you can board frequent trains to Gorizia (Italy) from where our pick up is free of charge. The ride takes +2 hours and the price is around €15,00/pers.

From Ljubljana you can also use the regional bus line between Ljubljana and Nova Gorica. The ride takes +2 hours and the price is around €10,00/pers.

Trieste airport is the only destination is where we do have to pick you up do to poor connections. Unless you don't mind using the taxi service.

Alternatively you can the GoOpti shared and private airport shuttle service for a reasonable price for all the airports mentioned above or any other pick up points that you might find appropriate. Check out their website just clicking on the banner below this text.

Nizkocenovni prevozi

Nearby Facilities

Once arrived at Spicy Campers, you can get your groceries at shopping centers in Nova Gorica or Ajdovščina, each about 15 km away from our office. Here you will also find ATM machines or a variety of banks if you need some extra cash.

There are four camping sites nearby (10-20min) in case you need to rest after a long flight for example. One of them is the awarded and small family operated Park Lijak, just a few minutes north from our home, which we highly recommend, either for late arrivals, early departures or discovering the amazing part of the world we live in.

Another lovely family camping site is at the village of Vrhpolje which is about 30 minutes south of our base toward the town of Vipava. Kamp Vrhpolje and Camp Lijak both offer activities in the nearby vicinity such as, cycling, hiking, rock climbing as well as paragliding.

Paper Map Of Slovenia

You will find a variety of paper maps or road Atlases to choose from at our place. From our personal experience, paper is still paper, even though we live in a world of different kind of mobile applications for a variety of smart and dumb devices.

A paper map of Slovenia or a large road Atlas of any other country always beats the modern day electronic devices with the large format and simplicity of use. And it sure doesn't need power to run it. But that's just our opinion.

You can put an "old fashioned" label on us if you wish so, however, we strongly believe that there is no right and no wrong in this world. It all kind of boils down to whatever you're most comfortable with. And yes, we do use the GPS for basic routing. Other than's just old-school paper maps that we trust most and can also open them up in our lap for a better view.

Michelin Maps

One source of maps that we fully rely on for decades is the Michelin maps.

Why? Well here you go!

Based on over 100 years of experience, Michelin road maps and travel guides are simply the best you can find.

Highly detailed mapping on a comfortable format for all European countries for easy traveling. The scale depends on the country and it goes from 1/500,000 to 1/3,000,000. Most important, it includes sites and highlighted scenic routes in green color to spice up your travel experience.

The road atlas also includes over 70 town maps, practical and driving information about European countries. The cartography is updated annually for most current information.

Michelin Maps are also available on the internet of course. You will get all the travel information you need on their website. You can also print out a map of Slovenia or use their mobility apps on their website

Travel Tips

  • Bohinj. A stunning glacier lake valley immersed between the Julian Alps and one of the coolest places to visit in Slovenia.
  • Lake Bled.  The emerald green lake and the island with the church in the middle.
  • Koper Slovenia. The medieval cobble stone paved town will take you back in history to the ancient times of the Venetian Republic.
  • Soca river valley. The endless emerald green beauty.
  • Triglav National Park - The Best Of Nature.
  • Julian Alps offer the best of the Alpine world!
  • Piran - The Pearl Of The Coast.

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