Naturist Holidays On The Croatian Coast

If you thought about spending your naturist holidays exploring the amazing Croatian coast in your camper van, well you've come to the right place. Spicy Campers is only an hour away from the first naturist camping resorts and beaches on the Istrian peninsula.

With a naturist tradition dating back to the 1930's, when the first folks went skinny dipping on Rab island, Croatia was the first country in Europe to begin with the concept of commercial naturist resorts and camping sites back in the 1960's.

Koversada is the oldest resort of this type and has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. Today, this mega resort offers various types of accommodation for different needs.

Naturist holidays in Koversada naturist resort, Croatia.

There are about 30 official naturist resorts or camping sites and a large number of, so called free beaches throughout the coast and the 1200 amazing Croatian islands. Most of the camping sites are on the peninsula of Istria, but you will also find them on a few islands.

Some have a separate clothing optional section and a few have a part of the site proclaimed so, by the campers themselves. San Polo camping, close to the charming medieval town of Bale is such an example. So don't be surprised if you see naked people on the beach. Relax and do what you feel most comfortable with!

Naturist Holidays Facts

Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, and characterized by self-respect as well as respect of people with different opinions and of the environment.

A naturist couple with their camper van enjoying a beautiful day out in the open.

With various types of activities and recreation in pure nature,  naturist holidays improve physical and mental health, liberate moral prejudice about social nudity and discover the true image of man.

They will support all amenities and habits that benefit your body and mind and exclude everything that is harmful to you. They will allow you to repeatedly escape from the modern technical society which has hardly any benefits for you whatsoever.

The FKK signs mark most of the official naturist beaches and camping sites. FKK comes from the German Freikorperkultur, that translates to Free Body Culture. This was the first organized movement promoting a naturist and healthy lifestyle with the combination of community living. Therefore, most of the naturists found on Croatian beaches are German, however, the rest of Europe rapidly followed this liberating lifestyle with joy.

A typical FKK sign indicating a naturist area in Europe.

Most of the FKK beaches are in remote locations and mostly on the islands. As for the unofficial locations, the rule of thumb in larger bays and throughout the coastline is, the further you go from the crowds, the more clothes you can loose. The diverse rocky coast, combined with small pebble beaches is more than enough for everybody to find a spot for themselves.

Respect the environment and other people around you. Many remote beaches have a separate FKK section, while others might be mixed. If you're not sure, try to find a hidden spot for yourself or keep your bathing suit on.

Spending a day on a remote location, means that you have to be prepared. Take a lot of water and enough food to keep you going. When the day is done, don't forget to clean your spot.

Cigarette butts, plastic plates, bottles and other trash that we continuously dump our planet with, don't belong on beaches nor anywhere else. Some people just don't get it!

Don't be shy to pick up trash from others, while cleaning. If they don't get it, well at least you do. Remember that no one will clean a remote beach for you. It is our duty to enjoy, respect and keep our world clean, don't forget that!

Naturist holidays are not for everyone of course. But if you're able to see the multidimensional world and consequently have a liberal perspective, this is the closest to nature you will ever get. Please check out Croatia Naturally for more information.

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