Piran Slovenia - The Pearl Of The Coast

Piran is Slovenia's tiny gem on the short strech of the countries Adriatic coast. This is a picuresque, charming medieval cobbelstone and narrow street town climbing up the hill all the way up to the church just above it. The views over the open sea and to the Julian alps in the background are simply spectacular.

Piran is Slovenia's gem of the Adriatic coast.

The historical formation of Piran is wrapped in a bit of a mystery and overlaping information. The legend goes that the ancient settlers enjoyed burning bonfires on the tip of the town that dips into the sea and hosts the lighthouse today. Hence the Greek word for fire(pyr) might be a part o the towns name, but who knows all the details.

Today this is an amazing old town with an obvious influence from the medieval Venetian Republic and other civilizations that spent some time in this beautiful land. Just take a stroll around it, grab an ice cream on the famous Giuseppe Tartini square or just relax in one of the town's beaches. You will imediatelly feel at home here.

Piran seen from a paddle boarder's perspective.

Located by the sea, Piran is Slovenia's fishermans town, with fishing boats bringing in a fresh catch of fish throughout the year. And this is also the reason why most of the restaurants along the promenade serve excellent sea food with the Adriatic sea and the coast of Croatia for the included scenery.

Just minutes away from Piran & Slovenia's coast, you can enjoy endless vineyards and olive groves. Do to the favorable Mediterranean climate, you can be sure that great wine, olive oil and other deliscious local products will sooner or later join you on the table.

Strunjan Nature Park

Moon Bay on the coast of Slovenia.

In the nearby vicinty, the Strunjan peninsula combines many natural features of the Slovenian coast as well as those shaped by man through centuries. In fact, Strunjan is the highest part of the cliffs, the longest part of the natural sea shore, the only Slovenian sea lagoon, the smallest saltpans and the best preserved cultural landscape typical for the Slovenian coast. If wish to experience the best of this beautiful coast line, paddling along the coast is your best option from our experience. You can rent kayaks, canoes and paddle boards in several places.

Sečovlje Salina Nature Park

Sečovlje salt pans in Slovenia and producing salt using old traditions.

The Sečovlje saltpans are one of the last in Europe where the salt is produced in a traditional manner. The centuries-old coexistence of man and nature created the conditions for a vast variety of plant and animal world with a rich cultural heritage depicted by the museum of salt-making. You can enjoy the park either by foot or by bicycle, and in the company of the Salina birds. This is one of the many places in Slovenia where the past and present go hand in hand.

Exploring Piran & Slovenia's Coast

Since you will be most likely traveling around with one of our Spicy camper vans, the best and nearest option to stay is Camping Fiesa. Located at the lush green Fiesa bay with two small lakes in the vicinity and the typical rocky Slovenian coast line within a short walking reach.

The green Adriatic Fiesa bay, just a short walk from Piran by the coast.

You can reach Piran by foot or bicycle using the scenic seaside footpath. If you wish to go a bit further you will reach Portorož, Slovenia's oldest sea side resort and proceede to Sečovlje Nature Park if you wish so.

Piran and Slovenia along with Koper, the main town of the Slovenian coast, are becoming ever more popular as a travelers destination. The seaside has a incredibly rich underworld, traditional salt pans, salt therapy Spa's and a lot of medieval heritage. Not to forget the positive Mediterranean vibes here!

Most of our travelers extend their travel further to the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park. The beauty of the Soča river is unsurpassed and inspired quite a few poets throughot the history. Eye catching post card images of Lake Bled are something that you often see when sourcing out your travel information for Slovenia.

But our all time favorite is always Lake Bohinj. Please keep in mind that all the above destinations are only a few hours away from Piran. And this is something all our previous travelers agreed upon; everything is so close together in Slovenia!

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