Plitvice Croatia - A National Park Of Pure Nature

Plitvice Croatia is an amazing natural water park composed of sixteen breathtaking lakes surrounded by waterfalls and deep forests. Home to deer, boars, wolves, bears, fish and birds, this is also one of the first places our travelers usually ask us about. So just in case you still haven't made up your mind about visiting this wonder of nature, well please check out any online photo album and be sure it will convince you to do so.

Located in Croatian mountains, Plitvice National Park will surprise you with it's natural beauty, prevailing blue and green colors, rippling water, tidiness and indicated paths throughout the area. At the entrance point you can choose between routes of different lengths that will lead you through, so expect to walk anything between 2 to 6 hours at least.

There is plenty of shade and water here, so do to the relaxing atmosphere all the routes are more than suitable for all ages. This is one of the oldest national parks in this part of Europe and the largest in Croatia. It's obviously one of the most popular attractions and under UNESCO world heritage protection.

Plitvice Croatia Basic Facts

Plitvice Croatia is located just about a couple of hours from the coast which is usually the route most of our travelers take to get here. There are two roads leading from the coast, one from Senj and the other from Karlobag. Both offer scenic views due to the fact that they climb up the Velebit mountain range which runs along the sea here.(Another reason to travel these parts!)

National park Plitvice remains open around the year and is far from being only a high season destination. In fact, we always recommend visiting in spring and fall time. So if time is on your hand, please do travel Croatia skipping the mid summer. It will be much more pleasant and memorable for you.

The opening hours are from early in the morning until before it starts to gets dark, which depends on the season of course. There is an entrance fee with discounts for children, students, larger groups and seniors. You can also buy cheaper 2-day tickets or join an 4-hour guided tour in a few different languages at an additional fee.

Nearby Accommodation

Do to the worldwide popularity you can rest assured that lodging is abundant here. There are also a few camping sites in the range of 15 kilometers, so you can easily find a spot in one of them to spend the night.

As a rule of thumb and from our own experience, visiting Plitvice Lakes is best done early in the morning. Spending the night in one of the camping sites is an excellent idea, that way you can get a nice fresh and early start.

Please watch this stunning and original video of the park itself. No way you can resist this beauty, can you?

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