Porec Croatia And The Coast Of Istria

When we were kids back in the 70's, Porec Croatia was one of the classic destination points for our summer vacation for several reasons. The town is just about a couple of hours from our home and the entire region offers more than enough seaside fun and other activities to enjoy. After all, this is one of the top Croatian destinations since the late 1960's.

Porec Croatia is an ancient Roman town and one of the many peninsula towns on the coast of Istria. It is also the center of the package tourist experience with too much concrete and tour buses for many tastes. It might not be the most quiet place in the world, however it still offers a good balance between beaches, campings, hotels, activities and nightlife.

A beautiful air view of Porec Croatia.Image by Istriasun.com

Camping Croatia with a campervan might be best out of the main season in case you don't wish to bear with the crowds. Just for the record, we spent a couple of weeks by the end of September in Valkanela camping resort just outside of town and all we can say is that we had an awesome time. The place wasn't empty of course, but the energy of the summer crowds was gone and our family (specially our twins) fully enjoyed the beauty of the surrounding nature here.

Paddle Boarding Paradise

Paddle boarding around the small islands in Istria, Croatia.

One of the reasons for our choice was our paddle boarding addiction. This particular sport gave us a brand new perspective of exploring the islands and the entire coast from Porec and all the way down to Vrsar. And the sea here is packed with small islands all worth to paddle and explore around. It would be insane not to do it!

Paddling along these islands is awesome and finding a small beach on them is even better. Most of the camping sites offer boat rentals so you can enjoy the paddling and walking around these little gems all by yourself.

Shoes, Push Scooters And Bicycles

Another reason for choosing Porec Croatia for our vacation are the nearby towns of Rovinj and Vrsar. Both smaller but more to our liking were always a good reason to hop on our push scooters and take a ride around the harbor. Again, these are all ancient port towns, with lots of Roman empire history and ruins, great ice cream and good restaurants with food done over real wood grills. The aroma is fantastic!

Well you might as well found out that we pretty much like to be on the move. Not that we don't like to lie around on a nice beach for a while, but our twins prefer the change of scenery and frankly, so do my wife and I. In this perspective, the Porec Croatia region offers more than enough car free space and mostly by the seaside to explore around on your own two feet or any other kind of gadget that you might prefer. And that's what we usually look for when we travel in Croatia.

Discovering the croatian coast on our push scooters.

Bicycle routes are very common on the Istrian peninsula and this region is no exception here. The routes will usually take you by the seaside turning gently by the vineyards through the inland villages and back to Porec perhaps. Or the other way around maybe. Well we don't know all of the routes and the network keeps on expanding, but a visit to the local tourist office will usually do the trick.

Porec Croatia Beaches

The area around of Porec is mainly a summer destination and you can be sure that the beaches are plenty along the coast. The coastline of Istria and the rest of Croatia for that matter is mostly rocky and so are the beaches. But in between that you will sometimes find small sand or pebble bays to enjoy.

However, many resorts used cement, pebble or sand for a fresh look, more comfort and easier access to the sea. All beaches around Porec offer lots of space and most important, plenty of shade under pine trees just in case you're not into sun baking. And the pine is a part of the relaxing Mediterranean aroma which we always look forward to during the winter!

Croatian beaches around Porec.Image by Camping.hr

Fakin Good Wine!

Well this was one of the amusing road signs we noticed on our recent trip to the Porec Croatia region. Fakin wines is obviously one of the wineries in Istria that invite you to taste their homemade produce at their cellars with a fresh approach.

Do to the excellent Mediterranean climate, the Istrian peninsula has a very long tradition of producing great wine and the Porec region is no exception here.  Our Spicy campervans usually do come back to our base with lots of wine from these parts, so there you have it.

If you know how to you appreciate a good bottle of wine, please do so. There are a lot of wineries to choose from and our best bet is that you will find at least a few to suit your taste!

Istrian Gastronomy

Istrian dishes are mainly prepared according to traditional recipes for centuries and by using the fruits of the soil and the sea. Mediterranean food is among the healthiest diets in the world and the local cuisine here does go beyond excellency!

So do please yourself with olive oil, wild herbs, homegrown
vegetables, traditional pasta with a variety of fresh fish and meat. Porec has a nice blend of restaurants and tavernas to indulge your senses and there is absolutely no excuse not to try the best this region has to offer.

Istrian gastronomy is all about local food for centuries.Image by Coloursofistria.com

Boats And Cruises

Porec Croatia lies in the middle of the Istrian peninsula which makes it an excellent post for outgoing cruises. You can choose everything from daily cruises along the coast and some of the islands or even a fast-speed catamaran cruise to Venice for example.

Most of the offers will be waiting for you in the main harbor or at the nearby office with timetables and prices neatly displayed on boards.

Ancient History

Porec has a long history dating back to the Roman Empire and the old town still keeps a typical Roman street pattern. The Venetian style houses dominate most of the town with the Euphrasian Basilica as the most popular landmark and under Unesco World heritage protection.

The Romans were quite active warriors, therefore you will find
remainings of the town walls and towers. One of the defensive towers has a more pleasant role today as a comfy bar with a beautiful terrace on the top of it. 

Camping And Camper Stops

Porec Croatia is the most visited area on the Istrian peninsula since the 1960's, so rest assure that camping sites are in abundance here. It gets crowded in the summertime and you only wish to stop for a couple of days, there are also Camper stops, parks or parking places where you can spend a night or two. Locations keep on growing and changing, so it's nearly impossible to give out an exact location, but you will find them signposted by the road.

Camping sites evolved a lot during the decades, some turned out to resorts, others kept their image form another time and a few new ones open up from time to time, mostly in the background and on private land offering a more friendly family atmosphere. it's  hard to recommend one over the other, so we leave the choice entirely up to you. After all, you're not a package tourist are you?

More Useful Info

The above is merely some general information about the Porec Croatia region. It's what most of our travelers and us usually look for. Some active fun during the day time, a stroll through the old town and a nice local dinner over a couple of glasses of wine. There is a lot more to see and a lot more to do if you wish to go into details, To-Porec is a perfect website for any further details.

Other Tips About Croatia

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  •  Plitvice National Park will surprise you with it's natural beauty!
  • Opatija is the "First Lady" of the Croatian Coast with classic Vienna style hotels, villas and botanic gardens.

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