Sardinia Holidays With Spicy Campers

Your Sardinia holidays are only a few hours away with Spicy camper van rental. If camping in Italy or discovering Tuscany is your choice of travel, the three ferry ports to the island of Sardinia are only a few hours away.

Sardinia is a magnificent island in the Italian Tyrrhenian Sea. Here you will find absolutely the best beaches in Europe, lots of surfing and sailing do to the excellent wind conditions, great food and lots of somehow lost history from the ancient Nuraghe civilization, that occupied this land in the past.

This is the second largest Mediterranean island, an autonomous Italian region, west of the Italian coast and just below the French island of Corsica. The local and proud Sardo people speak their own  language and hardly consider themselves as Italians.

The island has regular ferry connections from the ports of Genova, Livorno and Piombino on the mainland.

Sardinia In A Nutshell

Being quite a large island with vast and open pastures, the majority of Sardos are naturally shepherds, while the fishermen occupy the coast. Do to the wide pastures, black pigs, cattle, goats and sheep runs rather freely, so don't be surprised if you sometimes meet them driving on the road.

Local cuisine consist of local favorite grilled pork (porceddu), tatsy lamb (capretto) and mutton sheep all mixed with local herbs. Homemade pasta such as ravioli, filled with fresh Sardinian cheese (ricotta), or goat cheese (pecorino) with a touch of mint leaves, olive oil and garlic are lighter foods if meat is not exactly on the top of your list.

Dairy products, wine, honey and many other goods are also sold anywhere on the road or at tourist attractions, so you can get your "snack" directly from the locals.

Best Beaches In Europe

For many, most of the Sardinia holidays will run along the 2000 kilometer long and amazing coast line. Fine sandy beaches are without any doubt the best in Europe and can be easily compared to the beaches in more exotic destinations.

The color of the sand varies from golden red to pure white and you will also find a few pebble beaches in between. Some are long and vast while others are neatly nestled between granite rocks of amazing shapes and sizes that we hadn't seen anywhere else before.

The natural stone sculptures and various rock formations are a spectacle of their own and a must see. No artist could perform an act of art like mother nature does. Some of the best examples are found on the northeastern coast and at the town of Arbatax on the east coast.

Sardinia Holidays And Sights

Aside from the beaches and stone sculptures, your Sardinia holidays will offer a variety of many other spectacular places well worth a visit.

For example, there are only a few deserts throughout Europe and one of them is on the west coast of Sardinia. If history is more your thing you can enjoy the...

Nuraghe or the megalithic stone build structures that come in various shapes and sizes from the pretty much unknown Nuragic civilization. Hardly any trace of this civilization apart from the fact that they were traders. Strange, isn't it?

You can check out the image gallery below for the above and other places of interest you might be interested in on this island. A good image says a lot more sometimes.

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So if you will be discovering the Italian Tuscany for example, you can also consider visiting Sardinia. However, the island is quite large and do to the ferry prices, take at least a couple of weeks to discover the island.

If you need more information about this island, check out Experience Sardinia.

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