Small Campers

Small campers or Camper van conversions are compact vehicles offering excellent mobility and come equipped with all the basic essentials in order to fully enjoy your travel experience. It's your home on wheels for the time traveling, no matter how long that might be.

Small campers. The legendary Westfalia Baywindow

Camper vans have been one of the most versatile vehicles on the road since their introduction back in the 1950's by the German Westfalia. Equipped with cupboards, closets, storage room, kitchen with a sink, furnace and a camper refrigerator, these vehicles will sleep anything from two and sometimes up to five people on board.

These campers are easy to drive, get great gas mileage and most of them can be parked just about anywhere. They come in different layouts with anything from a basic outfit up to high end and fully equipped ultimate adventure machines, also available in 4x4 versions.

But no matter what the model, they all kind of share a similar mission. Allowing you to fully explore and enjoy the world around you, with no timetables and obligations, and at your very own leisurely pace.

This is also a perfect vehicle to practice various sports and activities out in the nature. Anything that requires overnight stays at remote places comes to mind here.

Enjoying Small Campers

A camper van conversion will allow you to discover and enjoy the many hidden corners of this planet further down the road, where larger leisure vehicles can't take you.

A homemade Wolkswagen camper van conversion using Reimo parts.

You will find yourself sleeping under snow white mountain peaks or by the sound of sea waves. You will wake up listening to the birds sing or the nearby town just waking up. You will experience the diversity of life in the many forms that it will manifest.

The adventurous appreciate the natural environment and the world around them. They love to travel, discover new places, respect and enjoy local traditions and make new friends on the road. Well I know that we do. And so do people we often meet down the road.

Small campers will sometimes take you places far away from it all. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. If you wish to discover around our planet, you can rent or hire these great vehicles at various places. Cheap camper van rentals or a nostalgic trip with a Volkswagen camper anyone?

Whatever the vehicle, remember that it's your duty to respect the natural environment and mother nature as she cannot feed herself on empty beer cans, plastic bottles and shopping bags anymore.

So, enjoy your camper vans, the world around you and respect the nature at the same time!

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