Touring Croatia and Slovenia In Late Summer

We're a young couple from Germany that toured with Spicy Campers from late August 2015 till the beginning of September. We enjoyed every minute of our 10-day-trip to Dubrovnik and back with the orange van always standing out from the crowd. The route we took was (more or less) as follows:

Day One: On The Road

We were picked up at lunch time in Ljubljana by Irina and started our tour with our Spicy camper in Črniče. We had quite ambitious plans for the rest of the day as we wanted to be in Plitvice National Park that same evening and enjoy the coastal view in Croatia before the sun was to set.

In fact, we did have an amazing view watching the sun go down over the sea. But in the dark, we had some difficulties in finding the right way. Although Greg and Irina had provided us with plenty of maps of Slovenia and Croatia, we were led astray by the GPS leading us on an adventurous path through dark forests with very small lanes and almost no sign of any other human beings nearby.

In the end, we did manage to arrive on the Camp ground in Plitvice and we were lucky enough to be admitted on the Autocamp Korana although the hour was already quite late.

Day Two: The waterfalls Of Plitvice

We were quite lucky with the weather in Plitvice. It rained quite a lot, but during our visit at the lakes which we started early in the morning, we got some sunshine and only got soaked when returning to our campervan. The lakes and waterfalls really deserve their fame and we spent the whole day walking along the lakes and enjoying the spectacular views of the waterfalls around. This rainy night we also spent at the Autocamp Korona.

Day Three: On The Road To Dubrovnik

Our longest journey took us from Plitvice all the way south to Dubrovnik. The further we went south, the hotter it got. In total, it took us about 5 hours to get to the Campground Solitudo which was one of the most expensive campgrounds we stayed at. In the evening we walked down to the Copa Cabana beach. Although it was quite crowded at first, we were able to enjoy the sunset with not many people around.

Day Four: Discovering Dubrovnik’s Ancient City

We decided to take the public transport to the ancient city of Dubrovnik in the morning. If you do want to walk the city walls, I highly recommend going there early in the morning, as it soon gets very hot. We both got our shoulders burnt from the sun. The only advantage was that there weren’t very many people actually walking the wall and the view from the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik was stunning. However, the ancient city and the harbor were crowded with tourists.

Day Five: Trip To Split

Our next stop was Split, a two hour drive from Dubrovnik. We arrived there at noon and even managed to find a parking spot free of charge not far away from the harbor. However, we faced some difficulties getting out of this parking spot in the evening.

Diocletian's Palace and especially the cellars are well worth a visit. We spent the night at Stobreč campground which was situated right at a lovely beach.

Day Six: Sunset In Zadar

After having spent some time at the beach on the campground, we went to Zadar. It is kind of a small version of Split, but less touristy. We spent the whole afternoon there, as we wanted to see the Sun salutation after the sunset at the coast. The light show was a little bit disappointing, but it was quite an atmosphere to watch the sunset over the sea along with the sounds of the sea organ. After the sunset, we quickly left as we still wanted to make it to the campground Šimuni on the island of Pag.

Day seven: Cheese Dinner On Pag Island

Camp Simuni resembles a holiday resort with different shops, restaurants and bars. It’s also situated right at the sea with its own beach. You could probably spent quite some time there without ever leaving the campground if you which not to.

However, we wanted to take a look around the island and also taste the famous Pag cheese. We took to our travel guide and chose a restaurant in Konan, Konoba Figurica, which we can really recommend for its Croatian cuisine and the amazing atmosphere under the olive trees.

Day Eight: Ferry To Mali Lošinj

We left early in the morning as we wanted to catch the ferry from Zadar to Mali Lošinj which only parts once a day. The ferry left at nine in the morning and we arrived in Mali Lošinj about seven hours later. You do not miss out if you don’t get to spend time in Mali Lošinj.

However, the campground Poljana, was our favorite camp site on the whole trip. It was inexpensive, not that big and situated at a wonderful bay. For supper, we had a picnic on a small nearby landing stage.

Day Nine: Stop-Over In Cres

We continued our tour to Cres stopping over for lunch in the small cozy town of Osor. Again, the camp site Kovacine in Cres was very large and crowded with longtime holiday campers.

Day Ten: Under The Ground (Postojna Caves)

On our last day before returning the Spicy Camper, we took the ferry to Brestova and returned to Slovenia. If you wish to visit the Postojna caves, you might as well consider staying at the Camp Pivka which is located near the entrance of two of the less known caves. The entrance to the Pivca cave and the Black cave is actually on the camp site.

Twice a day, you can visit the two caves with a paid guided tour. Compared to the visit to the main caves, these two caves are maybe smaller, but also less touristy. We were on a guided tour with only six other persons that evening and therefore these two caves appeared more natural / unchanged and impressed me more than the main caves that we visited the following day.

We really enjoyed our trip with Spicy Campers and were a bit sad to leave our orange companion behind the next day. If you would like to know more details on our trip (pictures, tour descriptions and the different camp sites) visit my blog: LeVoyageContinue and read all about our travel in Croatia and Slovenia.

Unfortunately, for the time being, it is only available in German.

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