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Travel Slovenia with Spicy camper van hire and you'll be discovering one of the smallest countries in Europe on the crossroads of four different worlds. It's a country, where the European Alps almost meet the Adriatic Sea and in between, you can enjoy the mountain spring lakes, rivers and luscious green pastries.

Hiking, trekking and cycling are all used to explore around the country, and afterwards you can always relax in the thermal waters of Slovenia's numerous spas. When the day is done, it's time to enjoy the richness of the local gastronomy and excellent wine, for which this beautiful country is so well known for.

Travel Slovenia and go hiking Mount Mangart at the Julian Alps, Slovenia.

In a small country, all this is within a reach of a few hours. And you are always close to someone else's border too. Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy all give a special notion to the mix of cultures near the invisible border lines.

The best way to travel Slovenia in our Spicy camper van rentals, is by visiting the countryside driving on the back roads.

There are only two main highways through the country, one connecting the north with the south and the other, the east with the west of course. So take your time, relax, absorb the scenery and the local lifestyle. Stop for a picnic by a river or in the woods and enjoy the present moment while you travel Slovenia.

Lake Bohinj in the Julian Alps, Slovenia.

Over 50 camping sites are well spread around and backed up with numerous camper stops at prominent locations.

In addition, you will find the Agrocamping guide in our office upon your arrival. This is a mini guide to Agro Tourism locations in Slovenia and Croatia, where the owners offer their local products and allow you to sleep in your camper van on the spot for a small fee. And for a quick reference, please check out our...

Mini Travel Slovenia Guide

Central Slovenia

Ljubljana is one of the smallest and prettiest capitals in Europe. It might be the economic and cultural hub of the country, but only a short drive from the city center, a slower countryside lifestyle is immediately present.

Within an easy reach by the city bus from the camping site, the city center itself is easily seen by foot or if you wish so, on a bicycle. Ljubljana has more than enough to offer to any demanding traveler and even if you're not exactly the city type of person, you can always enjoy the beautiful 19th century architecture.

The Northwest

This is the part of the country, where the European Alps gently touch Slovenia. It's home to Triglav National Park, Julian Alps, Karavanke, Kamnik Savinja Alps and all their high peaks and deep valleys. A must, when you travel to Slovenia.

The Pastoral Huts Of Velika Planina, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Slovenia.

The Soča river valley and the Solčavsko region with Logarska Dolina are perhaps the most pristine and beautiful valleys in Europe and a must destination when you travel Slovenia. No wonder they have been awarded by EDEN (European Destination of Excellence)!

Don't miss! Rafting on the wild waters of Soča, the trout on your plate and a hike to one of the mountain peaks or at least drive up to the Mangart Plateau for a breathtaking view of Austrian and Italian Alps!

One of the pearls of the Julian Alps is lake Bohinj and the region surrounding it. This is a stunning glacier lake valley immersed between the Julian Alps and one of the coolest places to visit in Slovenia. A short 30' drive will take you to lake Bled inviting thousands of visitors each year with the fairy-tale like image beauty.

The Northeast

Descending from the mountains, soft rounded hills with vineyards and fertile fields of the east will take you to the region of numerous thermal water spas, ancient castles and charming towns such as Laško, Ptuj and Maribor.

Sparsely populated and peaceful Pannonian plains have invited quite a few foreigners to find their new home. Either retired or starting a brand new life, most of them restyle the old traditional houses and blend with the local community.

So you never know, you just might find a new home here!

The Southeast

The vineyards here are blending with the vast ancient forest and the soft rounded hills. From the splendid woods of Kočevski Rog you can drive down to the Croatian border and the Kolpa river valley.

Just to remind you, this is another EDEN awarded, peaceful and biodiverse environment respecting old traditions. On the contrary of the untamed Soča river in the Julian Alps, the Kolpa is far more relaxed and perhaps a bit lazy during the summer.

The warm Kolpa river on the border with Croatia, Slovenia.

The river is more than warm enough for swimming in the summer, or  if you're in for a real adventure, rent a raft or a canoe and explore the river valley from a different perspective.

The valley of Kolpa is sparsely populated, therefore you can enjoy this peaceful environment as much as you wish. And remember, when you travel Slovenia, the quiet places are many, but they're never to far from a larger town, just in case you can't do without the modern world.

The Southwest

Leaving the ancient forest in our rear view mirror, the Karst region is perhaps the most contrasting in the country. From the high mountain peaks of Mt.Snežnik to the underground world of Škocijan and world famous Postojna caves, the later being the only cave with a scenic train ride to the inside.

The colorfull Karst region just above the Adriatic sea and Dolomite mountains all the way in the back.

From Mt.Nanos the road deeply descends in the land of the gusting "Bora" wind or the Vipava valley.

On the other side of the valley the land rises again to the center of the Karst region. Do to the rich soil, this is the homeland to the famous Teran, high quality red wine, Karst prosciutto, great cheese, olives and other local delicacies all more than worth trying.

When you're all done with tasting the Karst region, just a short drive to the west will take you to the short stretch of Slovenia's coast. Beautiful bays, salt pans and Mediterranean architecture dating back to the medieval times of the Venetian Republic. The towns of Koper, Izola and Piran will show you the best of this region.

So there you have it, a quick reference guide to help you travel Slovenia in your camper van. And please do use our on-line travel map for further details and easy planning. 

If you're looking for an active vacation, old traditions, excellent gastronomy and pristine natural environment, Slovenia will hardly ever leave you disappointed. For further information, please visit  the official Travel Guide by Slovenian Tourist Board.

Also check out this fun video from a young couple from Belgium on their roadtrip around Slovenia.

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