Triglav National Park - The Best Of Nature

Triglav National Park is one of the oldest parks in Europe and the only national park in Slovenia. This is a place of extreme beauty that leaves many of our travelers absolutely amazed. Pristine nature and old traditions are always a winning combination in our book and this is definitely the place to get the best of it.

Triglav National Park, Slovenia.

The name of the park comes from Slovenia's highest mountain Triglav, proudly standing at 2864 meters above the sea level. The surrounding mountains are many and the peak of the experience are definitely the many waterfalls, lakes and rivers in the valleys bellow.

Slovenia has been nominated several times as a country of pure natural beauty by many travel publications throughout the world. And the Triglav National Park has been placed among the 10 most beautiful parks in Europe. The words speak for themselves.

But even before all the fancy nominations, many visitors from other countries apreciated this region as a place of holistic treatment to say so. Hiking, swiming, boating, old traditions and cultural heritage imersed in pure nature does magic to your soul, take our word for that.

The Julian Alps

The best ingredient of the Triglav National Park are naturaly the Julian Alps with all their unsurpassed and glorious beauty. This alpine range is located at the North western corner of Slovenia bordering with Italy and Austria.

Triglav lakes in the Julian Alps, Slovenia

It is surely one of the best drives with our Spicy camper vans. The roads are few and extremely scenic with small camping sites on the way for a perfect rest immersed in an unspoiled natural environment.

The best way to discover this beauty of nature is of course by foot. There is a vast network of footpaths and hiking paths to keep you busy for weeks. More than enough information and maps are provided at any local torist office, camping sites, information boards or similar.

Walking and hiking will take you to a timeless world of old traditions, mountain pasture farming and home made arts and crafts mainly made from wool and wood. Our all time favorite is always the local food. Sweet honey, a variety of tasty cheese types, cottage cheese, trout and many other deliscious dishes to regain your strenght are available localy.

Exploring Around Triglav National Park

Keep in mind that this is a very delicate biospheric region with a highly developed Cultural Heritage as you explore around. It is home to many wild animals and large forests that were here eons before us and need to be respected as such.

Hiking in the Julian Alps and exploring the Triglav National Park.

This is a rather sparsely populated area with very few scenic roads connecting these small towns and villages. It's a region to be absorbed at a slow pace. The Soca river, Bohinj lake, Kozjak waterfall or anything else in between are timeless creations to be enjoyed while you're here.

It's up to you to decide how to discover the Triglav National Park. Hiking, paragliding, rafting or maybe even a short plane ride from Bovec for example. And the fairytale postcard picturesqe lake Bled with that tiny island in the middle is right on the border of the park. It's one of the most common images used to promote Slovenia.

You have the camper van and you decide your pace. And when all is done, you can always decide to drive down the coast to the town of Koper for example. It's only a couple of hours away.

Or how about proceeding to the rest of the European Alpine range. The choices are many. Take your time and fully enjoy them. And you can always use our online map place marked with many places of interest for your further reference.

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