Vacation In Croatia- Go For It!

If your planing your next vacation in Croatia all we can say is yes, stop right here, book your flights and continue reading. After being several years in the camper van rental business and enjoying the Croatian coast for more then 40 years ourselves we can write down with full confidence that Croatia amazed even the most sceptical type of our guests, which were only a few by the way.

A vacation in Croatia can be this beautiful, seriously.

Blessed with Mediterranean sunshine, pristine landscapes with fortified medieval towns and villages surrounded by the crystal clear blue Adriatic sea is just something you can't go wrong with. Top that off with the rock and pebble coastline, pine, oak and olive trees in the background below the Velebit and Biokovo mountain parks and a super rich historical heritage on every step and you got yourself a top ace travel spot all ready to be explored.

You can read some of the roadtrip stories that had been sent to us or chat with someone you know that has previously visited Croatia. You will also stumble across many articles that praise Croatia on-line, but take our word for it, if you haven't been here, you must do this at least once in your life. All you need to do is drive down the coast towards Dubrovnik and you'll know imediatelly what we're talking about here.

The stunning Kornati islands archipelago in Croatia.

Croatia has been a favorite getaway spot for many since the 1960's. Even before that, several individual romantic travelers, poets, writers and photographers wandered around the coast and the many amazing islands seeking peaceful solitude and inspiration for their creativity. In those early years health problems from the industrialized northern Europe were on the rise and this amazing Adriatic environment was a perfect cure.

There is definitely something magical in limestone mountains rising high above the emerald blue Adriatic sea. More then a 1200 islands scattered around offer breathtaking scenery and awesome adventure time for hikers, kayakers, sailing boats, divers or any one else who cares to explore and appreciates even the most remote tiny bays and caverns.

Liburnija - Croatia's "Love Boat"

In 2015 and after 50 years of writing stories, a small passenger ferry named "MF Liburnija" discontinued it's service across the Adriatic sea and finished in a scrape yard. This was a timeless clasic, the Love Boat of the Adriatic and a ship that will continue to live in the hearts of many sentimental souls that crossed her path in a half of a century.

MF Liburnija, the legend of the Adriatic sea.

Many people believe that "MF Liburnija" was the last symbol of the romantic times of the coast. A time when people from around Europe booked a ticket on this boat just for the ride through the islands and down the coast (including myself), to take a walk on the teak deck, enjoy a meal in the restaurant and get a good night rest in the cabin or even on the deck, neatly tucked in a sleeping bag.

But in many ways, the charm of your vacation in Croatia is still most of the above. Moving from one place to another at a slow pace that is only natural to the easy going local lifestyle here. Or even better, find a place that has all the right ingredients for you and stay as long as you like to absorb everything around you at your own pace.

After all, this is what traveling around in a campervan is all about. Keeping this in mind, let's have a look at some general information for your next trip. Hope you enjoy them!

Some Travel Croatia Basics

Is A Vacation In Croatia Still So Romantic?

So, can a vacation in Croatia still be romantic today? Well yes, by all means. That doesn't mean that a few parts of the coast haven't been victimized by mass tourism like the town of Poreč and Dubrovnik for example. It is the nature of our reality and development, therefore there is something for everybody if you want.

One of the amazing romantic beaches on the island of Hvar in Croatia.

But despite the times we live in, the coastline surprisingly kept many little gems, quiet romantic bays and medieval villages, sparsely populated islands and peninsulas such as Pelješac with amazing Croatian beaches that will make you think that time literally stopped somewhere along the way. And the only recconection issue that you will experience is reconnecting to your daily routine back home.

All you need to do is pay attention and look for them. Some of them will be right under your nose when cruising down the coast, while others are well kept secrets on the islands such as Korčula or Mljet just to name a few. But according to the law of attraction, these little gems will attract you when your vibe is right.

Just Take It Easy...

A vacation in Croatia can be all about buying that fresh catch of fish from the local fisherman early in the morning, enjoying a fresh cup of coffe in the local caffe or picking out fresh local fruits and vegetables at the local open market.

It can be about discovering one of the many trails along the sea, breathing in that fresh Mediterranean fragrance in your body and soaking up the sun. And later on, a simple meal ovelooking the sunset on the coast with a glass of excellent local wine in your hand. Yes, it is so beautifuly simple and amazing.

It can also be all about chasing all the hotspots that you heard about so many times such as Dubrovnik, Opatija or Plitvice Lakes for example. Or a little bit of everything. Down the line, your vacation in Croatia is what you will make out of it and we will be more than glad to give you a few tips and ideas here.

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