VW Camper Vans - Rental Or Hire

VW camper vans have been around since the late 1950's when the German Westfalia and Volkswagen teamed up for, I believe the very first camper van conversion officially shown to the public. The famous VW Combi proved itself as a sturdy workhorse and Westfalia as a top camper van conversion specialist throughout the decades. A winning combination to say so.

The design concept of a compact van with a unique interior layout including a fully functional kitchen unit, one or two double beds and storage space has never been surpassed. If you love to travel and explore around at you own leisurely pace, renting or hiring a camper van is almost an obvious choice.

WV California or Vanagon camper van conversion.

Hiring a car would still mean, that you have to search for a place to spend the night and not everyone is comfortable enough to drive a larger motorhome in a foreign country. VW camper vans are compact and not much larger than you average family car, therefore extremely easy to drive, get great gas mileage (new models) and can sleep up to four people.

Spicy Campers offers the fifth generation of these legendary vehicles, but that doesn't mean that we wont be adding other generations of these engineering marvels to our existing fleet in the future. All the generations merit the honor to drive and enjoy at some point of your life.

Where To Find VW Camper Vans For Hire?

Great Britain seems to have the largest number of Volkswagen camper van rental companies, hiring everything from the nostalgic first generation campers dating back to the 1960's and the brand new cutting edge models of today.

France, Spain and Portugal are all destinations touching both, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast. The breathtaking scenery of the sometimes endless coastline is always a great reason to travel in a camper.  Blacksheep, Campervan Rental specialist in France, from Lyon and Bordeaux might help you out here.

Heading to the south and all the way down to South Africa will let you discover a new cheap camper van hire opportunity. After all, Volkswagen T3 or the Vanagon has been in production here for quite a while after it's official dismissal in Europe.

New Zealand is another country fond of VW camper vans and hiring services. Do to the mild climate and stunning scenery, all types of these legendary campers are available.

You would probably expect to see a variety of Westy's for hire in the United States, but that's not the case. A few of them are on the west coast and Hawaii and a deep research will find only a handful in other states. The latest models of VW camper vans based on the T5 platform were never imported to the U.S., so don't even bother to look for them.

A fully functional mini kitchen unit in the back of a VW camper van conversion.

In most cases the campers are equipped with all the basic gear for a pleasurable van camping experience. That includes kitchenware and cutlery, bedding and camping seats with a table. The cooler and a propane stove for cooking are also a part of the basic equipment.

People renting and hiring VW's will sometimes offer services such as organized weddings or rent out vehicles prepared for this unique occasion. Well, you never know what hits you...

So if you're looking for a nostalgic trip in a vintage camper or a modern high performance vehicle, these campers have it all. After all, they've been around since the 1950's, and we guess they know how to take care of business. Check out Wim Koelman and his website for a full history of Volkswagen Campers.

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